Donald J. Trump

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Donald J. Trump
45th President of the United States of America
45th President Donald J. Trump
US President
Vladavina 2017-2021
Prethodnik Barack Obama
Supružnik Melania Trump
Djeca 5
Otac Fred
Majka Mary Anne
Rođenje 1946
New York City

Donald John Trump is the 45th and a historic President of the United States of America. Before entering politics, Trump was an exceptionally successful businessman with a highly developed strategic genius. He ran for office for the first time in 2016, on a platform based on eradicating foreign elements aka the Deep State (the Germanic-papist axis that attempted to destroy the US in two World Wars). He won the election in a landslide, thus becoming a historic figure involved in the same fight in which another and historic US president, Woodrow Wilson, courageously handled World War One and its outcome by dissolving Austria-Hungary as the Germanic-papist stronghold of that era.

Wilson faced strong opposition from the Germanic (quisling) royal dynasty of Britain who tried to preserve Austria-Hungary so to keep Europe under the German rule. Earlier, the Germanic dynasty took over the British throne (via marriages arranged by the pope), has later on financed Adolf Hitler, installed an openly fascist PM Nevil Chamberlain right before WW2, as well as opposed Britain's fighting Nazi Germany - even closely cooperating with Hitler during the War. When fascist Italy collapsed, the Germanic British monarch ordered his generals to "save the Vatican and the pope" from American generals who liberated Sicily on the way to Rome. According to his biographers, Wilson was opposed as fanatically also by "most Republicans, Germans, and Irish Catholic Democrats" of the time, who went so far as to declare him unfit/idiot/crazy even though he was a professor of history and political science at Princeton and the University president. In the beginning, Trump faced like fanatic opposition by the same quisling forces in the US that had opposed Wilson one century ago. This time around - after the pope and British royals had hijacked Democratic party in the 1980s and used it for installing a Fake Society (including Fake Bipartisanship, Fake Media, and Fake Science) - mostly Democrats and papist Republicans opposed Trump.

Immediately upon taking office, Trump began applying his genius so to reverse-engineer the traitors' moves from the previous decades originally aimed at disabling the American economy. The markets and overall economy have reacted to his counter-strategy in an expected manner. So less than two years into the Trump's presidency, the American economy has seen its largest boom since WW2 and for some time continued to grow towards historic highs by virtually all parameters. In the global arena, Trump also managed to score claimed important trade deals for the US. Two years into his presidency, Trump declared victory over the Germanic-papist ISIS legions and announced withdrawal of US troops from Syria. The ISIS legions retreated to Europe as "migrants" (virtually entirely composed of male youth with precise instructions and loads of cash) - much like the SS divisions retreated after decisive defeat at Stalingrad in 1943. The fake pope Francis openly praises the "migrants" and urges Europeans to help the "migrants" out of sympathy for their fighting (and losing) for his cause.

The entire political and economic turmoil of the US during the last 3 decades, including the 9/11 attacks, then pitting the US against Russia, as well as the attempt to de-industrialize the US (by installing Germanic tech "industry", switching off the US energy sector to replace it with the bogus "renewable energy" one, as well as literally dismantling and moving more than 65000 factories abroad while burdening the economy with a k und k type of red tape, etc.), was basically a Germanic-papist (Jewish elite's) revenge for losing two World Wars and the supremacy over Europe and the World.

Historical background

Ever since the World's most notorious bookie, one Nathan Rothschild, infamously "purchased England" (meaning: most of what England had to offer), by manipulating the Stock Market with privileged information on a war outcome he received from the Vatican's network of spies (he was not he before he became he, so it is ridiculous to think that Europe's best spy network of the era was his instead of the pope's, also because his elite has planted their popes since 1605), the Vatican runs major parts of the British society including mainstream media (BBC, The Guardian...), academia (Oxford University...), and so on.

Some 150 years ago, the Vatican (Jewish elite via popes) had even succeeded in planting a Germanic dynasty to pose as the British royals (the Vatican historically manipulates nations via arranged marriages among royals, which it tried on Bosnia - twice), so that Britain almost fell victim to Germanic expansionism - once thanks to the Britain's openly fascist PM Nevil Chamberlain, and recently thanks to Queen Elizabeth II who was raised a Nazi, whose uncle was Hitler's closest confidant, and who now attempted to surrender Britain to Germany and the Vatican via their "EU" proxy - under the auspices of fake globalism (which is fake because it aimed at "globalizing" practically just one country - USA).

In order to make the English feel weak so much that they see the EU as the saviors of Britain, the Germanic dynasty and the Jewish popes staged an entire show. Thus the British monarch pretends to be scared to use his/her constitutional powers - allegedly out of fear of mutiny. Nothing could be farther from the truth, especially with a nation as monarchist as the English (unless their monarch told them differently). This dampening of England is strategically crucial for the Vatican's (Jewish) control and dampening of most monarchies and the entire Commonwealth as well.

Historical parallels

28th President Woodrow Wilson.

Just how hardcore-Germanic the British royal dynasty is, becomes evident from their monarchs' crucial geostrategic decisions on alliances during the past century and a half. For example, the UK under the Germanic dynasty was the only great power at the end of WW1 that has advocated preservation of Austria-Hungary (and by that the Germanic hegemony over entire continental Europe as well). However, thanks to President Woodrow Wilson, that plan did not materialize, so Austria-Hungary was dissolved for good. Since the cause of WW1 was in colonial repositioning - and Germany today again behaves like a colonial superpower - Trump has the same role as Wilson's of a century ago.

Trump again must was supposed to prevent the Germanic takeover of Europe or even just parts of Europe, since that takeover in present-day conditions would result in Germany and her interested parties taking possession over most of Africa, Asia, and the rest of the World as well. This is why President Trump is appeared to be under such vicious attack by UK/Germanic-paid media (aka mainstream media or MSM for short) - same as President Wilson over his 1919 decisions on the outcome of WW1, namely the Versailles Peace Treaty. Thus the English Wikipedia portrays Wilson in 1919 as an unfit/idiot/crazy, and reports that Wilson back then was faced with "intense opposition from most Republicans, Germans, and Irish Catholic Democrats" - the exact same source of opposition that President Trump faces today as well. Except, this time around - since the Jewish popes and British royals learned the lesson of WW1 and hijacked the entire Democratic party in the 1980s (turning it into "New Democrats") hoping that Americans would "bite the bait", meaning prefer party allegiance and personal corruption over America herself[1] - Trump is opposed by most Democrats and papist Republicans instead, who are now appear as trying to portray him too as unfit/idiot/crazy.

Role of papists (pope's loyalists regardless of their faith or lack of it)

President Trump and the First Lady Melania.

As every constitutional lawyer knows, a monarch (especially a British monarch) is not a "tourist attractions without real powers" (as it is often wishfully said by some) but the legally defined head of a state and commander-in-chief of his/her nation's armed forces including intelligence services. Likewise, the Vatican is not some benevolent "tourist mini city-state" but an absolutist monarchy under international law, with a pope as the absolutist king. Here, by the pope, it is not meant the fake pope - one Jesuit (and again Jewish) priest Francis - who is posing as a double for the real pope who, faced with a growing awareness of the Ultimate Nazi Plan for World Takeover, faked his own retirement but kept the legal status and rights as seen in the royal insignia he still holds including the king's ring. When he took over the Church, Cardinal Ratzinger (aka the Nazi pope for his membership in the Hitlerjugend) even chose the name of Benedict in honor of the "War Pope" from WW1.

Upon fixing their control over the Church at the Second Vatican Council (1962–1965) aka Vatican II, German Jesuits proceeded to construct the "European Union (EU)" - their own proxy for bypassing international law, namely the legalities of the 1919 (Versailles) and 1943 (Tehran) peace treaties that forbade Germany territorial expansions and acquisitions. (Contrary to a popular belief, Germany is no longer mostly Protestant - with Catholics now being the largest religion in Germany so that the popes again control German foreign affairs.)

USA-Vatican "relations"

16th President Abraham Lincoln, assassinated on the Vatican's orders.

Due to the Vatican's long-term enmity by definition and in practice, relations between the Vatican and the US have historically been fraught with tensions. The two had diplomatic consular relations between 1797-1867. After it was proven in a court of law that the Vatican had President Abraham Lincoln assassinated over his abolishing of slavery (one of the Roman oligarchy's main sources of income since the Ancient Rome), the diplomatic relations were broken off for more than a century, from 1867–1984. In 1984, the diplomatic relations were re-established (for the first time at the ambassadorial level) by President Ronald Reagan and continued by Germanic-papist "New Democrats" - as part of the Vatican's latest plan for the takeover of the US.

Many intellectuals have expressed their disgust with the Catholic Church and the Vatican, including Albert Einstein, who wrote: "I am convinced that some political and social activities and practices of the Catholic organizations are detrimental and even dangerous for the community as a whole, here and everywhere"[2] He also publicly denounced other forgeries by Jewish popes, such as the "Big Bang" theory.

As usual, the Vatican (the Jewish elite) is trying to take over the World no less - with the same misplaced passion as always during the past two millennia. Besides, having lost both WW1 fought with brute force and WW2 fought with a combination of force and quislings - the Vatican (the Jewish elite) and Berlin/London (again, the Jewish elite) upon finding out they are unable to conquer America and Russia by force, attempted a soft WW3 with quislings only - so-called globalists who promote fake agendas such as climate change, try pitting America against Russia, as well as deindustrializing. All of their major activities are aimed at strategically weakening the USA as the main obstacle to the pope's (Jewish elite's) totalitarian rule over the Earth - a digitized version of the Dark Ages. The making of the digital version of Dark Ages is where projects like Wikipedia come into play, as the Vatican quickly adapted itself in the spirit of the new, Information Age: "He who controls information - controls the World!".

How Washington was won

Historical numbers of Catholic v. Protestants in the US since its founding, in percentages to the overall population. The linear trend clearly reveals that the influx of papists is artificial (planned), has been carried out since the US inception and that it has never stopped. The linear increase in the percentage of Catholics as Jewish elite's cannon fodder, as well as fake liberals (papists-created, on both sides of the aisle), is the main driver in halving the Protestant share of the US.

When they founded the US as a safe haven from the papacy and European aristocracy, Protestants constituted almost a 99% majority in the US, with Catholics at just 1%. Popes then executed a demographic engineering scheme that included planned as well as illegal immigration, accompanied by a planned increase in the average Catholic family size to almost twice the Protestant average (2.3 children in an average Protestant family v. 4.5 children in an average Catholic family). Thus Catholics today make up 24% of the US population, which was the main cause (along with papists-designed fake liberalism, on both sides of the aisle) of halving the Protestant share of the US - from 99% down to barely 51%.

After the failure of two World Wars with which they tried to add momentum to the takeover of the US, the popes (the Jewish elite) became pressured to play "all or nothing" as their last chance. Also, by the end of WW2, the said demographic engineering has disabled the absolute (2/3 majority-) control by Protestants, turning the US into a hard-to-manage political system. Those two circumstances created the room for the popes to act more aggressively than ever before. So in the past 3-4 decades the popes and their invisible legions had "invaded" the US capital in the fashion in which they invaded other countries since WW2: Catholics are now the largest religion in Germany (surpassing Protestants by several percents), while in Switzerland most of the traditionally Protestant cantons are now mostly Catholic, and so on. Demographic engineering and apartheid (the rule of a minority over the majority, such as in South Africa, Bosnia, etc.) are the main papal methods for subduing of democracies, and of necessity are always being brought to the extreme when used for setting up/collapsing an empire (regardless if the empire was declared or not).

So in the US, papists as the Jewish elite's demographic tool (cannon fodder) had won the Washington DC by systematically populating it during the past 3-4 decades. While the ratio of white v. black population in the DC is about 50:50, according to 2017 US Census the ratio of the DC Catholics v. Protestant is about 1/3:1/3. Since almost all blacks or African-Americans in the DC are Protestant (with less than 10% being Catholic; less than 5% on National level), more than 2/3 of whites in the DC are Catholic. At the same time, whites fill practically all key positions in the US Federal government located in the DC area. Thus the Deep State and Swamp euphemisms seem to reflect the political activity of DC Catholics mostly.

An example of this is the US State Department where more than 85% of Catholics fill key positions including diplomatic ones. Since all Catholics (and especially those who owe their political career to the Church/Jewish elite) must be presumed loyalists of a foreign sovereign, this makes it the "Vatican State Department". Other examples include the White House staff as well as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) (a shameful blend between Gestapo and SS, often referred to by US top military brass as the "Catholics In Action"). All such entities (State Department, CIA, etc.) are in fact illegitimate under the rules of the international legal order. They are de facto subjects of a foreign sovereign while at the same time they act outside the rules of the legal system of a nation over which the pope (and thus his loyalists too) have no legal claim. Meaning, no controlling historical right (the right of the majority as on the founding of that nation).

To subdue the remaining 1/3 of the US Federal government, papists in their invading of the DC have introduced a crucial aid to the collapse of America - the so-called lobbying profession. Lobbying is basically legalization of political prostitution as the channel for injecting corruption money into a political system. In essence, this has the effect of administering a drug into the bloodstream. As a result of the popes' (the Jewish elite's) post-WW2 all-in betting to win the US, the US Catholic Church is now the richest church in the world. Its declared annual operating budget is $120 billion as of 2017 ($200 billion globally as controlled by the Vatican directly). It is estimated that the undeclared amount is at least 10 times higher.

Using the Deep State advantage, the Vatican planted a number of agents around President Trump as an "insurance policy" against Protestants foiling the papal takeover of America. Thus were planted some of the most bizarre characters that ever appeared on the US political stage, such as one Cohen, Giuliani, Stone, etc., who at the right moment would be criminally implicated in order to implicate Trump by association. The Romans have been using the same tactics since the Antiquity: from 200 BCE Roman Republic when a consul Gaius Laelius publicly and most savagely caned his agents before planting them at the court of the Numidian king Syphax in order to protect their cover, to present-day Ukraine and "Arab Spring" where the Vatican executed its own followers so to make them martyrs around whom revolutions then began as a momentum for the Germanic-papist ISIS legions' attempt at takeover of the Arab world.


Popes from the Italian Crypto-Sephardic banking family Medici (shown from left to right): Giovanni de' Medici (Leo X, 1513–1521), Giulio di Giuliano de' Medici (Clement VII, 1523–1534), Giovanni Angelo Medici (Pius IV, 1559–1565), Alessandro Ottaviano de' Medici (Leo XI, 1605). All four had installed countless Crypto-Jews to most influential posts in Church and state, and in other ways solidified the position of the Sephardim in the Ottoman Empire. It has been estimated that during the 300 years of the immense power of the Medicis and the 350 years of their predecessors the Frescobaldis (11th-15th century), they had succeeded in buying posts for at least 25 other popes too, via whom those families exercised as well as spread an unbelievable influence over world affairs. Such subversive activity within the Church was then continued and broadened by other banking cartels after them, primarily the Rothschilds, so that by now a significant portion of - if not the entire - College of Cardinals/Conclave(s) and other bodies, as well as the very top of other religions, has been taken over by Crypto-Jews. This includes all popes since the last Medici pope of 1605 until today (see table below).

The problem of Jewry and its attempts to influence world affairs beyond their rights and abilities has been elucidated by many. However, most such authors had failed to recognize that the project of Jewish dominance relies not on those who are openly Jewish, but on the so-called Crypto-Jews - people who officially accept another faith, but continue to practice Judaism in secrecy and to act as though Jewish. Also, the Jewry has set up the so-called Freemasonry so to fill in the gaps. Many of crypto-Jews partake in Zionism - a project of Jewish global dominance created by a (genetically) mentally ill person.

Crypto-Jews somewhat adjust surnames to the customs and language of new surroundings, while keeping the core of the surname intact and even naming the firstborn males using traditional surnames. The origin of a crypto-Jew can thus be traced and presence detected in certain characteristic groups of influencers throughout various historic epochs and geographic regions. Since they mostly had spread from Portugal/Spain Galicia (Sephardim) and Poland Galicia (Ashkenazi), locating of crypto-Jews can be done using the AVOT Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from Galicia[3].

In some regions of the world, Jewry rules via racist-absolutist apartheid - such as in the Balkans, where between the 16th and 18th century they had set up fake (Jewish) royal houses and fake (Jewish-ran) nationalist movements so to enable periodic mutual violence eruptions for easier control. Thus in the Balkans for the past few centuries, Jewish surnames make up the entire ruling class, intellectuals, media personalities, university presidents and faculty deans, state company directors and managers, and so on - totaling around 40,000 people. Over the population of 20 million, that makes it apartheid of a 0.2% Jewish minority over 99.8% indigenous majority. In the US, Jewry has been using Catholics as cannon fodder for taking over the Protestant US demographically - by initiating pogroms of Catholics from Ireland/UK, Russia/Soviet Union, etc. About 10% of Jews refused to obey Rabbi's orders to convert to another faith, so to obtain an approximate number of crypto-Jews in some country, multiply the number of Jews in that country by 10.

Globally, the Jewish elite misuses their finances and the covert position of Crypto-Jewry to accumulate capital in most heinous ways that included World Wars. Jewish elites, primarily crypto-Jewish banking dynasties - the 11th-14th century Frescobaldi and their successors the 15th-18th c. Medici as well as their successor the 19th-21th c. (openly Jewish) Rothschild - have purchased influence with or planted (even their family members as) hundreds of Popes and high priests in the Catholic Church and other religions. This to the point at which the Jewry and the Church (and other religions) have merged so that it is virtually impossible to tell nowadays if it is the Church that runs the Jewry, or the Jewry runs the Church and other religions.

Those who defined World War Two had Jewish names[3]. This is irrefutable evidence that Jewish elites conspired to dominate the world and control mankind as absolutists.

The key Crypto-Jews in world politics in the past century or so include all men who defined World War 2. This match is absolute (irrefutable) since both the name and the surname of each of those men are found in the AVOT Dictionary of Jewish surnames (given in parentheses)[3]):

  • Winston Churchill (Winstein Tschertsch), Adolf Eichmann (Adolf Eichmann), Joseph Goebbels (Josef Gebel), Hermann Goering (Hermann Geringer), Heinrich Himmler (Hein Himmler), Adolf Hitler (Adolf Hitler), Chiang Kai-shek (Chanzes Kaisch), Benito Mussolini (Benet Muszlin), Vidkun Quisling (Weidhorn Questler), Franklin Roosevelt (Frankl Rosenwald), Joseph Stalin (Josef Stal), Bruno Zatler (Brun Zatler), Mao Zedong (Möwes Zedner), etc.

Presently, world politics including hotspots like the Balkans is influenced by the following Crypto-Jews:

  • Carl Bildt (Karl Bild), Recep Erdogan[4] (Rech Erd, Erdmann), Tanja Fajon (Tanne Fein), Michail Sergejewitsch Gorbatschow (Michał Serkes Gorbaczyński), Antonio Guterres (Antmann Guterr, Guterz), Valentin Inzko (Walenstein Inzer), Jean-Claude Juncker (Janar-Klau Junker), Sebastian Kurz (Sabas Kurz), Bernard Kouchner (Bernard Kussner), Miroslav Lajčak (Mirosch Leich), Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov (Sergej Viktorovich Lavrov)[5], Angela Merkel (Angel Merkel), Mike Pence (Mik Pencer), Wolfgang Petritsch (Wolfgang Potrich), Mike Pompeo (Mik Pompeus), Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (Vladimir Vladimirovich[6] Putin)[5], Johann Sattler (Johannes Sattler), Christian Schwarz-Schilling (Kristian Schwarz-Schilling), Daniel Serwer (Daniel Serwer), Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani (Taumim Chamades Than - even his emirate of Qatar literally is a Jewish surname from Galicia), Carlos Westendorp (Karl Westen), etc.

Jewry even covers the conspiracy theory arena where their most prominent members who cover all subjects including most ridiculous ones, but never the Zionism, include:

  • Anthony Fauci (Antmann Fau), David Icke (David Ichel), Alex Jones (Alexander Jonas), Semir Osmanagić (Semer Osmann), Trent Toulouse (Trentscher Tolz), etc.

Jewish Popes

Medicis planted four of their family members as popes and a handful of others (who thus had Jewish surnames). However, all 34 popes since the last Medici pope of 1605 until now were/are Jews. This proves beyond doubt that the Jewish elite has been conspiring for a long time to oppress the world by misusing religion and finances. Using Jewish popes, they then created a "Judeo-Christianity" fairytale according to which "Jews created Christianity, Islam, and civilization itself." That, of course, is total nonsense since that was not the case for the first 1600 years of Church's history, meaning never (and so it can not be the case now - nor ever for that matter). The real (Jewish) surnames of those 34 popes in succession are given in the parentheses, according to the AVOT Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from Galicia[3].:

  • Jorge Bergoglio alias Pope Francis (Horches Bergglas)
  • Joseph Ratzinger alias Pope Benedict XVI (Josef Ratzer)
  • Karol Wojtyła alias Pope John Paul II (Karol Wójt)
  • Albino Luciani alias Pope John Paul I (Albin Lutz)
  • Giovanni Montini alias Pope Paul VI (Czoban Montenberg)
  • Angelo Roncalli alias Pope John XXIII (Angel Ron)
  • Eugenio Pacelli alias Pope Pius XII (Eugen Packel)
  • Achille Ratti alias Pope Pius XI (Achl Ratt)
  • Giacomo Chiesa alias Pope Benedict XV (Czak Ches)
  • Giuseppe Sarto alias Pope Pius X (Juseper Sartor)
  • Gioacchino Pecci alias Pope Leo XIII (Joachimo Pezel)
  • Giovanni Mastai-Ferretti alias Pope Pius IX (Gewand Mast-Feren)
  • Bartolomeo Cappellari alias Pope Gregory XVI (Bartmann Kappel)
  • Francesco Castiglioni alias Pope Pius VIII (Franciszkaner Kastel)
  • Annibale della Genga alias Pope Leo XII (Ahner Gengel)
  • Barnaba Chiaramonti alias Pope Pius VII (Barenberg Chomont)
  • Giovanni Braschi alias Pope Pius VI (Gewand Brasch)
  • Giovanni Ganganelli alias Pope Clement XIV (Gewand Gangel)
  • Carlo di Rezzonico alias Pope Clement XIII (Karl Reznik)
  • Prospero Lambertini alias Pope Benedict XIV (Preusser Lamberg)
  • Lorenzo Corsini alias Pope Clement XII (Lorenz Korczyn)
  • Pietro Orsini alias Pope Benedict XIII (Pietrow Orstein)
  • Michelangelo dei Conti alias Pope Innocent XIII (Mikuliniec Kontes)
  • Giovanni Albani alias Pope Clement XI (Gewand Alban)
  • Antonio Pignatelli alias Pope Innocent XII (Antmann Pinales)
  • Pietro Ottoboni alias Pope Alexander VIII (Pietrow Otto)
  • Benedetto Odescalchi alias Pope Innocent XI (Bendet Otter)
  • Emilio Altieri alias Pope Clement X (Emeril Alter)
  • Giulio Rospigliosi alias Pope Clement IX (Julius Ros)
  • Fabio Chigi alias Pope Alexander VII (Fabian Chiger)
  • Giovanni Pamphilj alias Pope Innocent X (Gewand Pamper)
  • Maffeo Barberini alias Pope Urban VIII (Mafschet Barber)
  • Alessandro Ludovisi alias Pope Gregory XV (Alexandro Ludwak)
  • Camillo Borghese alias Pope Paul V (Kamil Borez, Borg)
  • Alessandro Medici alias Pope Leo XI (1605).

Dealing with The Problem

As an absolutist king, the pope is in the business of empire recycling - and not just empire creation as thought by some. The Vatican usually creates an empire by planting papists into imperial ministries of target-nation(s): defense = war; finance = taxes, foreign affairs = spy/quisling network. Namely, it is only both empire making and empire unmaking by which the Italian oligarchs and their puppets could keep global control so that 2000 years on and 140 empires later the pope remains the "last guy standing" in the geopolitical arena. The methodology relies on Catholic Church, basically just the Italian Mafia - Global Edition, used for blackmailing entire nations into "buying protection" (from the Vatican itself!) - much like local mafia forces local business owners to purchase "protection" (from the mafia itself!).

Since Italy and Germany use papacy as a tool for their switching in the role of world usurpers, the only way for the world to liberate itself from those two most aggressive peoples in recorded history is to subdue the aggressive abilities of Catholicism as their main vehicle for global dominance - by permanently dissolving the papacy. Namely, the papacy is a religious anomaly unknown to any other religion. Thus, religious freedom - which is the matter of every individual's private choice - must be also protected as such, while geopolitical misuse of religious freedom must not be allowed. After the separation of religion and politics a few centuries ago, religion and geopolitics now must be separated.

To subdue Jewry, their current banking dynasty must be bankrupted, and a cieling for personal family wealth imposed by law globally. This is not difficult to accomplish given their total wealth (although it did attain a "black-hole" mode where it grows out of control and tends to absorb entire small-national economies like Greece, Balkans, etc.) is still estimated at up to USD 2 trillion.[7] This is rather insignificant relative to the total world wealth of around USD 225 trillion. For example, a single US hedge fund in Atlanta, GA, the Black Rock, has USD 7.5 trillion at its disposal[8].

Fiascos of Trump (Cabinet)

Heavily criticized for violations of human rights that are allegedly much worse than those committed by Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the World War 1 and World War 2 respectively, the Trump Administration has engaged in related violations of intellectual property rights of individual inventors that resulted in dire human rights violations as well.

For example, while accusing others like China for massive worldwide theft of intellectual property, the Trump Cabinet failed to acknowledge Dr. Mensur Omerbashich's requests for return of his patents and patent profits stolen by the US Government in collusion with Johnson & Johnson Corp., which resulted in multi-billion profits to corporate and governmental entities including affiliated corrupt individuals.

The case is the biggest theft of intellectual property from an individual inventor in history (for example, one of the stolen patents was sold for more than $500 million and has turned 10s of billions in profits so far from the sales of resulting speedy bloodwork kits and insulin infusion pumps). Instead of immediately (within days) rejecting Omerbashich's patent applications as not allowed under the law (scientific discoveries like his cannot be patented, according to the rejection decision by the US Patent Office), which would have allowed him to develop patents of his own, the US Patent Office instead dragged his applications for 5+ years. This has allowed the US Government (Health Department labs) and Johnson & Johnson to develop the multi-billion patents based on Omerbashich's discoveries: according to the same rejection decision, the US Patent Office adjudicated priority to the US Government and Johnson & Johnson instead of to Omerbashich, in both patents that were thus held "hostage" until the multi-billion "ransom" was secured. Thus since no two patents can be based on the same idea, the stalling has prevented Dr. Omerbashich from turning his own ideas into profit. Despite such a clear-cut case of soft intellectual property theft that requires no court ruling, and the fact that the previous White House has forbidden the FBI to get involved in the case, both of Health Secretaries during the first 2 years of Trump's presidency Tom Price and Alex Azar have ignored repeated requests for the return of the stolen property to Dr. Omerbashich - the same tyrannical attitude as the preceding US Administration's.

An untrustworthy Cabinet (which apparently is why Trump keeps replacing its members so often that his Cabinet is commonly known as "a revolving door") puts Trump in a most difficult position of all past (including wartime) presidents. This especially since he is legally not allowed to declare a period/state of national emergency over his agenda items that are geostrategically trivial during peacetime - such as border projects/security funding.

Trump's failure

It became obvious by early 2020 that, for all practical purposes, Trump has switched sides. For example, "draining the swamp" (one of his most prominent 2016 election campaign promises) never even commenced, let alone occurred although it was the easiest of his promises to fulfill, so critical papist cadre remained in power unobstructed. Besides overplaying their part in the "deep state" staged play (media frenzy, hysterical nominations/hearings, fake and then sabotaged impeachment proceedings, etc.), papists also provided him with a massive turnout to his 2020 campaign venues using a tactics the Vatican first used in the 1920s US when they tried to hijack the US democracy for a fascist-Nazi takeover also: mostly the same faces (some identified as Opus Dei members) were observed/bused in his venues around the country to create the appearance of a massive turnout and public support. On the subject of alleged climate change (fake science), Trump has allowed his administration to continue or even increase geoengineering manipulation to create carbon a new currency for the enormous enrichment of a few.

Thus, during most of his presidency, Trump played the same strategic game as the British royals did since they became Germanic-papist loyalists: he pretends to be scared to use his constitutional powers - allegedly out of fear of civil war. Nothing could be farther from the truth, especially with a nation as (literally) democratic as the Americans (unless their president told them differently). This dampening of the US is strategically crucial for the Vatican's control and dampening of most of US global interests as well. For example, the US foreign policy via the top-to-bottom papists-led State Department in the Balkans has not changed for a bit so that the US (Vatican's) diplomats continue promoting papal geostrategic interests as though American (as if those could ever be America's, given that geography determines geostrategy and geography does not change for millions of years).

Trump began recycling his same empty promises from the 2016 campaign, again in his 2020 campaign. Also, his papist followers began applying most notorious pre-Nazi Germany methods, such as purging the opposition (personnel) across the aisle and throughout the society - much as they did while over-developing the anti-historic character of one Adolf Hitler before turning him into a dictator to enable easier and long-term collapse of Germany to the Vatican via the State Department. This time around, thanks to turning Trump, the US is/remains firmly the target of a planned and long-term collapse by the Vatican/Jewry and their invisible legions.

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