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Wikipedia project, by Wikimedia Foundation, the most important project of UK intelligence and Jesuits in the US since 9/11/2001, aimed at the hijacking of the Internet from the Americans (American Protestants). The project seeks to wrap the globe inside a fake version of reality in Britain's and Vatican's interest. After realizing some centuries ago that individually they are too small for the task, the UK and the Vatican joined forces and integrated their own mad views of imperialism as a method of conquest and plunder (instead of enlightenment as originally set out by the Illyrian proto-empire).

Project Wikipedia ( is a fake encyclopedia created by the Vatican, Great Britain and her loyalists and quislings for re-taking of the Internet from the Americans (American Protestants), and for controlling of online exchange of information in a hybrid warfare as pertinent to national interests of Great Britain as the so-called leader of the free world. As the appearance of benevolent volunteers is crucial for the success of such a warfare encyclopedia project, entire "armies" of young Freemasons and papists are used to that end. Hence the name of wikipedia chosen from the occult word Wicca meaning Pagan witchcraft. Wicca is presented by Wikipedia as a "new religious movement". Wikipedia was christened thus as a way of attracting the aforesaid crowds towards working on the project in Britain's geopolitical interest. As a side-note, Freemasonry are the British elite quislings, while papists are papal loyalists mostly but not necessarily Roman-Catholics.

Historical background: Wikipedia as a Germanic Encyclopedia, Trump as Wilson

Ever since the World's most notorious bookie, one Nathan Rothschild, infamously "purchased England" (meaning: most of what England had to offer), by manipulating the Stock Market with privileged information on a war outcome he received from the Vatican's network of spies (he was not he before he became he, so it is ridiculous to think that Europe's best spy network of the era was his instead of the pope's), the Vatican runs major parts of the British society including mainstream media (BBC, The Guardian...), academia (Oxford University...), and so on. Some 150 years ago, the Vatican had even succeeded in planting a Germanic dynasty to pose as the British royals (the Vatican historically manipulates nations via arranged marriages among royals, which it tried on Bosnia - twice), so that Britain almost fell victim to Germanic expansionism (once thanks to the Britain's openly fascist PM Nevil Chamberlain, and recently thanks to Queen Elizabeth II who was raised a Nazi and whose uncle was Hitler's closest confidant and who now attempted to surrender Britain to Germany and the Vatican via their "EU" proxy - under the auspices of fake globalism, which is fake because it aimed at "globalizing" practically only one country - the USA).

Just how hardcore Germanic the British royal dynasty is, becomes obvious from their monarchs' pivotal geostrategic decisions on alliances during the past century and a half; for example, the UK under the Germanic dynasty was the only great power at the end of WW1 which advocated preservation of Austria-Hungary (and by that the Germanic hegemony over entire continental Europe as well). However, thanks to a great US president Woodrow Wilson, that did not materialize so Austria-Hungary was dissolved for good. Since the cause of WW1 was in colonial repositioning and since Germany today once again behaves like a colonial superpower, US president Donald Trump has the exact same historical role nowadays as Wilson a century ago. Trump again must prevent the Germanic takeover of entire Europe since that takeover in present-day conditions would result in Germany and her interested parties taking possession of most of Africa, Asia, and the rest of the World as well. This is why President Trump is being so viciously attacked by UK/Germanic-paid media (aka mainstream media or MSM for short) - same as President Wilson had been attacked over his 1919 decisions on the outcome of WW1. Thus the English Wikipedia portrays Wilson in 1919 as virtually an idiot/crazy, and reports that Wilson back then was faced with "intense opposition from most Republicans, Germans, and Irish Catholic Democrats" (about dissolving Austria-Hungary, among other things), which is the exact same source of opposition that President Trump is faced with today as well. Except, this time around - since the pope learned the lesson from WW1 and hijacked Democratic party in the 1980s hoping that Americans would prefer parties and corruption over America - most Democrats and papist Republicans oppose Trump.

This explains the close cooperation between papists and Freemasons on Wikipedia and overall (of London and the Vatican as "partners in crime" ever since they realized they are too small individually for conquering the US and Russia). So now in a newly struck partnership they are together making sure that Wikipedia is kept a hard-line fake encyclopedia for outright censoring (virtually burning) of any writings that disagree with official imperial fascistic dogmas of the pope and his puppet-Queen. Here, by the pope it is not meant the fake pope - one Jesuit priest Francis - who is posing as a double for the real (Nazi) pope who, faced with a growing awareness of the Ultimate Nazi Plan for World Takeover, faked his own retirement but kept legal status and rights as seen in the royal insignia he still holds including the King's ring. For the uninitiated: the Vatican is not some benevolent "tourist mini-city-state", but an absolutist monarchy under international law. As usual, the Vatican is trying to take over the World no less - with same misplaced passion as always during the past two millennia. Besides, having lost both WW1 fought with brute force and WW2 fought with a combination of force and quislings, the Vatican and Berlin - upon finding out they are unable to conquer America and Russia by force - now attempted a soft WW3 with quislings only - so-called globalists, who promote fake agendas such as climate change, but also try pitting America against Russia, as well as deindustrializing - all aimed at strategically weakening the USA as the main obstacle to pope's totalitarian rule over the Earth - a digitized version of the Dark Ages. And the making of the digital version of Dark Ages is where projects like Wikipedia come into play - as the Vatican quickly adapted itself in the spirit of new, Information Age: "He who controls information - controls the World!".

As a side-note: pope, in fact, is an absolutist king who is in the business of empire recycling - and not just empire creation as thought by some. The Vatican usually creates an empire by planting papists into imperial ministries of target-nation(s): defense = war; finance = taxes, foreign affairs = spy/quisling network. Namely, it is both empire creation and empire collapsing that could enable the Italian oligarchs and their puppets to keep global control so that 2000 years on and 140 empires later the pope remains world's "last guy standing" in the empire-recycling business. The methodology relies on Catholic Church, which basically is just the Italian Mafia, Global Edition, used for blackmailing entire nations into "buying protection" (from the Vatican itself!) - much like local mafia forces businesses to purchase "protection" (from the mafia itself!). Since Italy and Germany use papacy as their tool for switching in the role as world usurpers, the only way for the world to liberate itself from the two most aggressive peoples that ever walked the Earth is to subdue the raving Catholicism - their main vehicle for global dominance - by permanently dissolving papacy as a religious anomaly unknown to any other religion that thus must be protected as the matter of every individual's private choice. After the separation of religion and politics a few centuries ago, the separation of religion and geopolitics must become paramount.

Youth brigades and other Storm troops

Typical "Wikipedians" (as they like calling themselves). Constantly-ecstatic facial expressions are characteristic of the group, revealing a cultist devotion to the mission - regardless what the current proclaimed version of that mission is - ranging from fake climate change to fake environmentalism, and beyond.

Teenage and teenage-evoked youth are most represented among Wikipedia users who edit the contents and who are commonly referred to as editors - a term that gives the whole structure a much desired professional feel. Editors so-called come mostly from Freemasonry family background (including the rare daughter of a Freemason) which is why they are mostly male, followed by (mostly middle-aged) part-time paid editors of military background but poor educational background, as well as a smaller crowd of full-time editors that include a few PhD's according to themselves. Teenage editors are generally recognized by independent observers as the most aggressive and rude users of Wikipedia in general. Most editors are anonymous.

Since the Freemasonry as a British Trojan Horse is largely ridiculed in the United States, additional US editors are recruited from a liberal background including "free-thinking" universities, mostly from California. Thus the majority of editors who appear to be volunteering are in fact not volunteers; many are professionals and include military servicemen of the like mindset and retired military servicemen and intelligence analysts as well. Those three demographic groups (teen mobs; frustrated liberals; retired militarists) make up most of the Wikipedia editors. Editors with college degrees who do not belong in the above main groups tend to leave quickly, repelled by the general sectarian and kindergarten-like mentality accompanied by aggressiveness (often wrapped up in fake politeness or gentlemanship followed regularly by convoluted citations of the-rule-and-regulation that make no sense whatsoever, and are very often contradicting each other as well).


Wikipedia was originally created by the British intelligence and Jesuit-Vatican loyalists in the US (found mainly among the Democratic Party following), as a geostrategic tool for effectively hijacking Internet from the Americans. Wikipedia's primarily role is to channel the current version of Official Reality to British loyalists around the world. This has significantly cut down necessary communication along the infiltrator-handler-headquarters vector and has made the British global intelligence effort more efficient and robust than ever before. For old-school infiltrators and agents in foreign lands who do not possess a working knowledge of English language, Wikipedias in foreign tongues were created and staffed from local (as a rule of thumb - younger) Masonic and papist communities mostly.

Along with the mass production of fake news (classically termed sophistry before World War 2), Wikipedia is Britain's most important tool in the information world war that began with electronic media breaking international borders. Wikipedia has become crucial after 2005 when the leading journal for promoting fake science, called Nature Magazine, created a fable according to which Wikipedia ought to be recognized for being as reliable as Encyclopedia Britannica itself.

Under the hood

Nachfeldpeiler P57N German direction-finding radio, mounted inside a van, used in WW2 for locating clandestine transmitters and receivers. This unit was used by the Germans after the occupation to locate resistance groups. The van could slowly traverse the streets to detect the transmitters and receivers used by resistance groups, and pinpoint the location to a very small area. (From: Museum of WW2). Wikipedia uses identical methodology for detecting-locating-isolating of its enemies, in form of digital-age technology including military-grade equipment.

In order to maintain the public appearance of "encyclopedia anyone can edit", anonymous users are permitted as well, although they are not really anonymous as their IP address is logged and publicly displayed next to the edit performed. Proxy servers, normally used for bypassing network-wide blocks, are strictly forbidden, and considered by the crowd as targets for "free hunt" at will. As a rule of thumb, "IP users" are presumed suspicious ("guilty") until proven obedient ("innocent") to the will of the crowd. The obsession with hunting down "the enemy" is so strong that "Wikipedians" (term used with pride by the "elite" to separate themselves from the "rest of us") use military-grade devices and software to literally locate allegedly anonymous user's real physical address, much like Nazi elite forces (often including the Hitler Jugend/youth members as part of military practice) used radio-locators with Nachfeldpeiler P57N German direction-finding radio mounted inside a van. The goal was to hunt down resistance members while they were using radios for communication. In the case of Wikipedia, once "hunted down", a user can then easily become a target of real intelligence operatives. As a minimum measure, such a user is "marked" and virtually forever banned from Wikipedia no matter what.

At times, significant parts of the "Wikipedians" community exhibit so much mass hysteria and paranoia, that the whole community can readily be equated with a sect - individuals grouped without necessarily being aware of the reason for getting together in the first place, but completely devoted to "the cause" long lost under the weight of idiosyncratic dogma (rules and regulation in case of Wikipedia). Nevertheless, at the same time, they are extremely resolved to "locate, isolate, and eliminate the enemy" - who is usually understood as the source of all their troubles, even personal health issues like insomnia or poor digestion according to their often complaining. Such nonsensical attitude then gets a swift support from the rest of the community, much like members of an animal den exhibit support for each other on the purely instinct level. Interestingly enough, in most, if not all (brief) TV appearances over the years, community members have revealed purely introvert psychological profiles; their ability to clearly convey a message to the public bordered with latent cretinism in some cases.

Wikipedia is enveloped in a bullet-proofed wall of what is quite literally a jungle of rules and regulations that no one can say understands completely or even largely. Any privileged editor can interpret those rules and regulations in any way they wish, in order to justify his/her actions. Privileged editors aka Admins (short for Administrators) and Sysops (short for System Operators) have the ability to block or ban anyone as they see fit, without justification - in an absolutist manner reflective of British imperial mentality while the overbureaucratization reveals the Germanic k und k (imperial) mentality as well. That hard-line imperial mentality permeates throughout Wikipedia and is particularly excitingly adopted by younger Freemason crowd who are quickest to exhibit the gang-up or lynch mentality - commonly recognized in psychological studies of mass behavior on similar statistical and demographic samples. As mentioned earlier, teenage admins (whose very existence as an authority group unmasks the whole project rather instantly) are unmatched in aggressiveness and rudeness. They also have the authority to ban any user whom they dislike. And as with any teenager - that often does happen quite literally; when they simply dislike an editor, they ban both the hated editor and delete his/her contribution(s), even from the discussion sections so there is no trace of even an attempt to support a proposed contribution with facts. The instinct-driven crowd goes so far as to even trace all changes a banned individual had made over many years, and viciously delete them all, resembling Stalin's way of handling his enemies by redacting old photographs by erasing the banished individual from history.

Independence appearance

One of the most notorious side-effects of Wikipedia's way of massaging truth is the unavoidable locking down of entire articles and groups of articles for a prescribed period of time, according to the level of perceived danger that an undesired editor and his/her proposed edit pose. The appeals procedure does exist (also extremely complicated so that it, in fact, discourages appeals); however, it too exists only for the effect and appearance of a fair and publicly open encyclopedia: appeals virtually never result in reversal decisions.

Like all social networks (Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube being best-known examples), Wikipedia too suffers from the problem of fake accounts including robots (both the bots for performing automated maintenance actions, and bots for impersonating live editors): most of the above-described interests are served and protected by apparent armies of editors, whereas each individual physical editor has, in fact, 10s and in some cases even 1000s of fake accounts, most of which are never disclosed but can be traced with a minor effort by observing Wikipedia's edit logs. However, as mentioned above, logs in some cases are also subject to change and/or deletion without a trace in case of strategically important edits that do not comply with the official current truth.

The increase in the number of fake accounts is directly proportionate to the drastic drop in real people editing Wikipedia, particularly after 2010. (Wikimedia admits the drop has happened but denies its extent, which is around 75% of those who left Wikipedia, likely for good.) That points to the above-revealed information that the whole project is a Britain's geostrategic tool for hybrid warfare, and nothing else.

Complete global coverage

To "tell their story", other governments try to influence Wikipedia so from time to time foreign intelligence services like MOSSAD get caught doing mass edits in accordance with their defined national interests in global hybrid warfare as well. The reason why Wikipedia is attractive to governments in addition to the UK's lies in this fake encyclopedia's absolute top (page 1) placements within search listings by the NSA-created company Google Inc. for practically every generic word or term.

With Wikipedia losing its following at a steady pace, and due to significant blows to its reputation including Google recently dropping Wikipedia from search results in many concentrated generic keyword searches, the British intelligence is trying to keep up their project alive. To that end, updates of the already complex Mediawiki software (the platform specially tailored for the project) are offered regularly, although that too, in fact, contributes to Wikipedia's speedy demise.

As an example of attempted global domination in the information arena, in order to reinstate England's former puppet dynasty in the Balkans, the English language Wikipedia created an entire network of heavy-weight lies on the Balkans past and present. This network of lies includes articles about Balkans artificial nations - the article on Bosnia and Herzegovina is a characteristic example, being top-to-bottom a composite of blatant lies which can't be edited. Other lies come in form of articles too, but then also fake categories and templates aimed at tightening the grip on the information theater in an ongoing regional hybrid war. This network of lies on Balkans (and by extension on any other strategic topic) relies on methodology like:

  • preferential sources - where only scientific (and even non-scientific) references that tell one side of a story are allowed, while all others are strictly censored and those who try adding them are banned or blocked,
  • fake consensus - where a democratic principle of majority vote is misapplied so that preferred scientific truth is voted on as though science itself were subject to democratic rules,
  • hoax-labeling - where undesired contributions are labeled as hoaxes and their proponents ridiculed, gang-ambushed by groups of editors (often one or two editors advocating same interest using countless accounts),