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Omerbashich Seismic Pattern: the strength of global ~M6+ (tectonic) earthquakes peaks under Earth's astronomical alignments to two heavenly bodies lasting 3+ days, thus enabling seismic antiforecast. Discovery shows that tectonics and catastrophic earthquakes are caused by astrophysical phenomena, instead of geophysical as previously believed. Image: the pattern resolution increase with lithosphere response to M6.2+ strong earthquakes.[1]

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Cover Art of the discovery (computation) of Earth body resonance: real-data (M5.6+ earthquake occurrences) spectra seen as outperforming random-data spectra in matching the theoretical resonance's all 72 periods by 350%, particularly in the strongest energies (top panel); absolutely outperforming (bottom panel).[2][3]


Cover Art of the discovery (computation) of Moon body resonance: real-data (moonquake occurrences) spectra from the Apollo Program (1969-1977). The demonstration of Moon mechanical resonance is spatiotemporally independent proof of mechanistic plate tectonics and its universality.[4][5]

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Dr. Mensur Omerbashich is a polymath and theoretical physicist who has made several fundamental scientific discoveries in physics, cosmology, geophysics and spectral analysis. His most important discoveries include the first expressing of values of gravitational constant (and thus of gravity too) via speed of light[6][7] (hinted by Einstein[8] and Maxwell[9]), and the first proof of (Tegmark's) Level I Multiverse[10][11][12][13]. In 2013, he disputed the 2012 Nobel prize for physics given (to Wineland of NIST, and Haroche) for a discovery he sent in 2008 to Wineland for NIST's verification - equations relating quantum and classical physics by expressing (values of) G via c on macroscopic and quantum scales.[14] Wineland never theoretically explained the awarded discovery, which resolves the puzzle of theoretical physics - abridging of quantum and every-day scales. Physics Nobel laureate Brian Josephson agreed in a debate with Omerbashich that there are remarkable coincidences in this case of possible theft of a discovery which enables capturing of elementary particles by suspending gravity vibrationally. In 2016, Omerbashich announced the discovery of Astrophysical cause of tectonics which fundamentally rewrites physics, macrophysics in particular.[1] The discovery was accepted for publishing on 31 Aug 2016 by Earthquake Science journal (Editor-in-Chief: Chen Yuntai member of Chinese Academy of Sciences) but the author rejected the offer as part of his protest against the way scientific community treated him and his discoveries, resembling treatment of Alfred Wegener and his historic discovery. Since the Omerbashich paper has been approved by a peer review, the discovery can be considered as published, for all practical purposes.

In April 2019, Dr. Omerbashich announced the discovery of externally (astrophysically) induced Earth-body resonance as the only cause of M6.2+ seismotectonics.[2] The discovery is in the form of the first precise computation of whole Earth's mechanical resonance. The computation eradicates both the "heat flow" hypothesis and the recent attempts to "settle for a middle solution by admitting that heat flow and mechanical resonance could co-dominate the Earth dynamics". But they can't - according to this first-ever computation of the exact band of 72 superharmonic resonance periods from real data (time-series of earthquake occurrences). The demonstrated phenomenon's energy-band contains 99%+ of the energy budget of the planetary mover (see Cover Art). The discovery was published in August 2019, in the Journal of Geophysics - world's oldest peer-reviewed geophysical journal (Impact Factor 32.18).[3] An independent astrophysical verification was announced in August 2019, in the form of discovery of Moon-body resonance from analyzing Apollo Program moonquakes[4], and was published in October 2019[5]. This is the final (spatiotemporally independent) proof of mechanical global seismotectonics. It is the most important scientific discovery of 2019 and the most significant geophysical find of all time.[15]

International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) in Paris confirmed experimentally in 2013-2014 the Omerbashich's (first ever) theoretical value for the Newton's gravitational constant G, of 6.675E-11[6], as 6.6754E-11, converging from 2001's 6.6756-E11[16].[17][18][19][20]

The confirmation invalidates all other estimates of G and supports his Hyperresonance Unifying Theory - now the only candidate for replacing falsified Quantum Field Theory and failed String Theory. The BIPM remains the world authority on scientific units and constants.

Upon finding out that his discoveries and two US patents applications were stolen from him by the US Government and big pharma and sold for over half a billion USD, Dr. Omerbashich created a public profile styling himself "King of Bosnia" in order to draw public attention to the case of theft of his intellectual property.[21] Thus under the rules of international legal order for countries of forcibly usurped sovereignty, Dr. Omerbashich is also the head of the Bosnian royal dynasty Omerbashich, since reviving his right to sovereignty ("throne") in 2010.[22][23] The Omerbashichs are originally from Buda (now Budapest).[24] According to Dr. Omerbashich, the right over Bosnia as the cradle of Western civilization, which the Omerbashich bloodline's founder Hungarian prince Borisz was given in 1141 by Hungarian king[25][26], has been continuously usurped to Dr. Omerbashich's family (then Berislavićs) since 1527[27][28] when the Ottoman dynasty first established Bosnia's occupying administration and committed regicide of Bosnia's previous sovereign, prince Stjepan Berislavić, in 1536, for refusing to abdicate three thrones in favor of the Ottomans: Bosnia's, Croatia's, and Serbia's.[29][30] Turks also committed regicide of Bosnia's previous king, in 1463. As Turks were getting expelled from Europe, Bosnia was in 1853 returned her legal name Bosnia and Hercegovina[31], cf. Bosznia Hercegség - Hungarian legalese for Princedom of Bosnia since Bosnia's Crown got sovereignty from Hungary's Crown, and Bosnia was legally a princedom under princes Berislavićs on its final subjugation of 1527. In expanded pretension to All of Illyria (Latin: IMPERIVM ILLYRIORVM), the King claims the sovereignty right over Bosnia (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro. Although there are no proofs to support Dr. Omerbashich's royal claim, there are indications of the claim's validity.


Soon after beginning graduate studies, in Canada, Omerbashich was transferred to the Ph.D. program without having to defend Master's thesis. He subsequently obtained Ph.D. in theoretical geophysics, in 2004. Dr. Omerbashich then spent a decade in research and consulting in USA, Canada, and Europe. He published several dozen scientific and technical papers and presented at scientific conferences including invited lectures in EU and USA.

He was or is a member of scientific associations and bodies, EU Marie Curie senior geophysicist at Hungarian Institute of geophysics in Budapest, referee for scientific journals in physics and geophysics, etc. In the spirit of his relative and polyglot Polish King Jadviga, he is scientific translator[32] and court interpreter. Thanks to US Senator Ted Kennedy, Omerbashich obtained US citizenship in 2003, becoming a dual citizen. Prior to returning to Europe, he worked as lead geodesist at Berkeley National Laboratory in California[33]. He was invited in 2008 Marquis Who's Who in Science & Engineering in the World[34][35], and in 2011 Who's Who in the World.

Scientific background

Mensur Omerbashich PhD
Rođenje Bosnia
Državljanstvo Bosnia, United States
Narodnost Illyrian
Etnicitet Bosnian
Polje Theor. physics[7]
Theor. geoph.[37][38][39]
Institucija Hungarian Institute of Geophysics, Budapest
Berkeley Nat'l Lab
Alma mater UNB, Canada
Akademski mentor Petr Vaníček, UNB
Uticali na njega Nikola Tesla
Abdulah Muminagić
Poznat po ● | g | = f (| c |)[7]
● | G | = 6.6750E-11[6]
confirmed 2013-2014[16]
● GUT[36]
Istaknute nagrade disputed 2012 physics Nobel prize[14]

Omerbashich's Ph.D. mentor Petr Vaníček is a leading geophysicist[40] and geodesist[41].[38][39][42] The external reader graded Omerbashich's Ph.D. thesis as "original in the ratio of 90% of new contributions v. 10% of old knowledge, which is inverse to the requirement for a minimum of 10% originality for a Ph.D.". According to the American Association of University Professors ([1]), that is an "exceptional dissertation, appearing once every few decades, or rarer".[43]

US Space agency NASA and Japanese Space Agency JAXA have included one of Omerbashich's student seminar papers (on satellite-inertial navigation) in the STI base of for-the-space-mission-significant publications in science and technology in the World since 1915-today.[44] The paper is a part of permanent collection of the US Government's National Transportation Library[45], and was in use also in university teaching, e.g. in the William E. Boeing Department of aeronautics and astronautics at the University of Washington, USA.

Scientific discoveries

Omerbashich equations[6][7]: gravity (in a mechanical oscillator) in terms of absolute velocity of light; hinted by Maxwell, and by Einstein in 1930s[8]
European J. of Geodynamics cover dedicated to HM's article
American Inst. of Physics journal cover dedicated to HM's article

Theoretical physics: first expressing of gravity via speed of light (hinted by Einstein and Maxwell)

Omerbashich made several fundamental scientific discoveries. In Berkeley in 2005, he expressed the Newtonian gravitational constant G (and thus gravity too) via speed of light c at both quantum and macroscopic (our every-day) scales, which showed how quantum mechanics and classical physics relate to each other.[6][7] He achieved this by operating over gravitational constant G taken originally i.e. as a proportionality constant due to the fact that its physical units have no multiversal meaning, as Newton assigned them arbitrarily only so to close his own (our universe's) physics mathematically. This expressing of g via c was first hinted by Albert Einstein in 1930s, when he stumbled upon a relationship between values of gravity, g, and speed of light, c, in our Solar system. Although he did call the geophysical relationship remarkable, Einstein could not explain it so he remarked: "the coincidence could be purely due to chance".[8]

The Omerbashich's 2005-2006 theoretical value of G, at 6.6750E-11[6] has been later matched by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) 2013 value of 6.6754E-11, and this BIPM value has converged on the Omerbashich's value since their earlier experiments so that the two are essentially same now.[17][16][19] This is a direct experimental confirmation of the Omerbashich's epochal discovery by the world leading authority on physical units and measures.

Even before the Einstein's hint at g-via-c, Maxwell has remarked in 1870: [Maxwell't theory] denies action at a distance and attributes electric action to tensions and pressures in an all-pervading medium, these stresses being the same in kind with those familiar to engineers, and the medium being identical with that in which light is supposed to be propagated. [This theory and a theory of electricity by Riemann, Lorenz, and Neumann] are found to explain not only the phenomena by the aid of which they were originally constructed, but other phenomena which were not thought of or perhaps not known at the time; and both have independently arrived at the same numerical result, which gives the absolute velocity of light in terms of electrical quantities. That the theories apparently so fundamentally opposed should have so large a field of truth common to both is a fact the philosophical importance of which we cannot fully appreciate till we have reached a scientific altitude from which the true relation between hypotheses so different can be seen.[9] Then 135 years later, Omerbashich has succeeded in deriving the absolute velocity of light in terms of gravity in a mechanical oscillator[6][7], thus showing the underlying engineering concept with which all forces of nature can indeed be unified as hinted by Maxwell and Einstein.

Cosmology: first scientific proof of Type I Multiverse and Hyperresonance Unifying theory

Then in 2012, Omerbashich postulated to that continuing cosmological Hyperresonance Unifying Theory (HUT)[36][10] according to which our known universe is under the gravitational influence by another universe(s)[13] and which has seen a number of confirmations and strongly supporting indications[36]. Theory of Hyperresonance is the only cosmological theory that does not allow for the existence of so-called black holes. The "Planck" Space mission of 2013, by European Space Agency (ESA), had surveyed our entire known universe and has, in the aspect of primordial density perturbations, confirmed the Omerbashich's fundamental discovery (from global geophysical data) on scale-invariable physics.[7] Furthermore, the mission has found no basis for "black holes". After failed attempts by some to interpret the survey results in a fairytale fashion which spoke of "4-dimensional stars", father of the modern concept of black holes Stephen Hawking of Cambridge University has retracted his main view at the beginning of 2014, saying that he believes "there are no black holes"[46]. Hawking has thus paved the way for Theory of Hyperresonance as a universal cosmological theory. HUT was first hinted at by Albert Einstein in 1930s when he based his own attempts at unified (relativistic) field theory on an electromagnetic field induced by changing gravity field.[8] Indeed, as HM has discovered long after Einstein had contemplated his own attempts at unified theory, heavenly bodies act as forced mechanical oscillators (indeed with a periodic gravity field - largely lunar-synodic in case of the Earth) that by definition create own electromagnetic fields.[37] Importantly, it was also shown that a body's grave mode of oscillation is not a random number as previously believed.[6]

Artist's view of Multiverse.

Soon after, on 17 and 18 of March 2014, BICEP2 experiment from observations at the South Pole claimed that they proved chaotic-type of cosmological Theory of inflation, as first postulated by Russian scientist Andrei Linde based on work by his colleague Alexei Starobinsky. Linde's theory requires the concept of Multiverse: infinitely many universes arising by the same or different token as our known universe did.[47][48] Multiverse opposes the main doctrine of the Roman-Catholic Church, on Genesis as popularized (in sciences as well as media) via a quasi-scientific (without any data) theory by a Roman-Catholic priest in 1927 who called it "Big Bang" and which originally allowed for a supposed beginning of everything via "divine creation".

Omerbashich achieved the mathematical-physical proof of Type I Multiverse in his Theory of Hyperresonance based on the world's most accurate gravity measurements.[13] This historic, successful verification of Multiverse and the string theories' paradigm (not any particular string theory), revealed independently one of the main reasons for a decade-long tormenting and censoring of Dr. Omerbashich and his work by the Church since he discovered how gravity is expressible via speed of light, back in 2005.[12][6] Specifically, any confirmation of Multiverse represents a revolution in physics that instantaneously cancels out most of cosmological i.e. physical theories.[49] The Church has been traditionally preventing such revolutions, for example, the case of Giordano Bruno, and still maintains the same views on "forbidden knowledge".[50]

Following the release of the BICEP2 claim, Dr. Omerbashich made on 22 March 2014, the precedence claim for scientific confirmation of (Type I) Multiverse.[51][12][52] Omerbashich was also the first researcher who explicitly claimed that another universe exerts a gravitational tug on our known universe: "In case of our Universe, it is to it neighboring (about it orbiting) Universe that largely masks the tidal influences of the rest of the Hyperverse on our Universe".[6][13] Subsequently, Laura Mersini-Houghton and other mostly Catholic physicists like her, presented their claims without crediting Omerbashich, meaning they plagiarized. In a most extreme example of theft of Omerbashich's intellectual property, the Italian-Spanish duo Alberto Salvio and Alessandro Strumia tried plagiarizing the unifying-theoretical part of Omerbashich's discovery, in which Scale Invariance of all physics has been proven[6][7]. The authors posted the plagiarism, describing "their" idea of dimensionless gravity as the measure of all physics, to the time-stamped depository on the day of the "historic" BICEP announcement[53]. The authors in their paper use a reference to Benito Mussolini (and his words "I don't care!"), which tells of their evil-mindedness and premeditation in committing plagiarism. That, together with synchronizing their move with the odious BICEP2 release mean the intellectual theft of the Omerbashich's discovery by Roman-Catholics was planned together with BICEP2 planners. They misused Scale Invariance to claim no Multiverse exists, but Scale Invariance means only Type I Multiverse can exist, while the g-via-c derivation on various scales regardless the universe (see equations above) means Multiverse is real.

Similarly, a "discovery" stolen from Omerbashich got awarded the physics Nobel Prize for 2012. It is thus beyond any doubt that various groups have attempted thefts of Omerbashich's discovery in all of its fundamental aspects: quantum, cosmological and unifying-theoretical. Church's reason for such manipulation is as always during past millennia: diverge basic human knowledge to a direction Church can control, here that of a new Genesis as based on Multiverse denial or misinterpretations, and the cult of Alan Guth who stated publicly that he is not atheist thus making himself endeared to the Church as a new guru of science of (falsely) Einstein caliber. Church had misused Einstein too in the like manner, but that did not seem voluntary on part of Einstein whose repeated attempts to escape his ridiculous "captivity" went unsuccessful. For instance, his famous attempts to that effect were statements like "Since the mathematicians have invaded the theory of relativity I do not understand it myself anymore", but then direct actions of protest as well, such as showing his tongue to the camera, and so on. Media misrepresented those protests too, and the fact that they did it with most of his protests speaks also of the severity of such captivity.

Others who exposed BICEP and inflationary cosmology as frauds

Luckily today, we do have famed physicists and cosmologists such as Paul Steinhardt from Princeton University, a co-developer of inflationary cosmology who in the meantime deflected, admitting that "serious flaws in the BICEP2 analysis got revealed that transform the detection into no detection" while exposing the inflation for a fraud it is by unequivocally stating that "the inflationary paradigm is so flexible that it is immune to experimental and observational tests".[54] In other words, the inflation cannot be proved, and all efforts at seemingly doing just that are nothing more than fraud attempts. Some noted that Steinhardt had a personal interest in objecting since he in the mean-time postulated an alternative theory to inflation, called Cyclic Universe but which is also unsuccessful as it claims that universe(s) miraculously bounce (expand and contract). Also, Steinhardt and other inflation opponents often make the same type of mistake as the proponents do - equate inflation with Multiverse, the latter teams using it as their desired proof of inflation, and the former teams as their proof against inflation.

It is worth noting that the Omerbashich equations are incomplete so that, while indeed proving Multiverse by expressing (values of) G via C irrespectively of both time and scale (energy), they do not specify the way Multiverse originated. Therefore Omerbashich considered the complete set of all possible Multiverses and called it Hyperverse. Thus, there is no reason to believe that just inflationary-type Multiverse can exist.[55] Namely, in (some) versions of the inflationary theory, Multiverse is merely their unpredicted outcome and not a goal by any means. Furthermore, most versions (inflationary theories) do not need Multiverse at all, not even as a byproduct.

String theories: first proof of string theories' paradigm

The Omerbashich equation | g | = f (| c |), and his Theory of Hyperresonance demonstrated true nature of "action at the distance", revealing that this action is due to a precise mathematical (dimensionless) oscillatory-orbital tuning of interplanetary medium. The action depends neither on scale nor physics of (our) universe since only proportions and ratios were used. This is the first proof of the paradigm of string theories - on oscillatory and not particlegenic reality - since stringdom is the only known medium that can carry and maintain oscillatory-orbital relationships among heavenly bodies across the distances such as Earth-Moon, as shown by the Hyperresonance Theory.

Quantum physics: first proof of Einstein's view of quantum physics ("-God plays no dice")

By discovering[37] that grave-mode of oscillation of a physical body is not a random number as previously believed, and that gravity is expressible via speed of light at quantum and every-day scales alike[7][36], Omerbashich proved the never disputed claim by Albert Einstein that quantum mechanics is apparent i.e. locally real[56]. Quantum physics is what Einstein suspected it: primarily a byproduct of secondary, here resonant effects of tides in the Earth-Moon system that naturally tends to impose its own resonant properties as common to all particles within the system. This trivially creates "strangeness" or phenomena like entanglement and others that quantum physicists claim exist in the world of elementary particles. Therefore quantum physics is object-centric: it will obey different but still seemingly (or even similarly) stochastic rules in another system of oscillatory-orbitally interacting heavenly bodies.

Theoretical geophysics: first proof of syzygy-strong (M6+) quakes causality

In theoretical geophysics, Dr. Omerbashich proved a key role of the mechanism of georesonance - magnified mass-resonance of the Earth as an externally forced mechanical oscillator. Within his Theory of Hyperresonance, he demonstrated also that syzygy alignments play a crucial role in tectonogenesis as well as in occurrence of strong (M6+) earthquakes[37][7][57] which has been independently confirmed by a Greek team[58]. The success of that discovery of the effect of syzygy alignments among 3 or more astronomical bodies in our Solar system's "plane" for more than 3 days, on magnification of mass-resonance (here of Earth's mass, mantle primarily), resulting in tectonics and strong (M6+) quakes, has been tracked in near-real-time since 2011 on the project Website[36]

Climate science

Dr. Omerbashich has also contributed to studying climate on Earth. Amongst other results, he disproved in 2006[59] an article by a leading US physicist Richard Muller who in a science journal Nature claimed cyclic cataclysms on Earth, which allegedly cause almost entire life on Earth to go extinct every 60 million years or so. The opposing article[59] has shown that Muller results were due to analyses errors, thus sparkling a significant attention from the scientific community so that the opposing paper has been constantly referenced as a significant source in new research and reviews of climate science.[60][61][62][63][64]

Australian researchers Robert Baker and Peter Flood demonstrated in 2015 that the Omerbashich's periods in the Sepkoski record of World marine fossils have the solar origin, eliminating the possibility of cyclic galactic causes to mass extinctions.[63] This means that our Milky Way galaxy does not cause periodic mass extinctions on Earth, thus settling the long-time dispute with Muller in Omerbashich's favor.[65]

On 8 June 2018, Omerbashich's paper presenting the consequences (of the Australian team's independent confirmation) for geophysics and climate science was accepted for publishing in Paleontological Journal (Editor-in-Chief: Alexei Yu. Rozanov of the Paleontological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences)[66].

Omerbashich's other important discoveries include a period of ~3600 years in historic Beryllium sediments (Be-10) in deep-core samples from the Russian scientific station at Vostok, Antarctica, of use in studying paleoclimate on Earth.

Dispute of 2012 physics Nobel Prize

Alfred Nobel.png

At the beginning of 2013, Dr. Omerbashich disputed the 2012 physics Nobel Prize awarded to David Wineland of NIST to whom Omerbashich sent in 2008 his discovery based on seminal G-via-c derivation along two scales, as the first proof of how to bridge the gap between quantum and mechanist physics. The discovery showed how quantum mechanics and classical physics relate to each other based on the concept of mechanical resonance. When applied to Solar system's bodies, namely their magnified gravitational-tidal resonant effects, the concept results in a mathematical relationship connecting the Newtonian gravitational constant (and thus physics in general) and the speed of light on macroscopic (every-day) and quantum scales. Instead of verifying the discovery as part of his job in the publicly funded lab, Wineland submitted the discovery as his own to the journal Nature three months later and ended up receiving the Prize for "an ingenious lab technique for abridging the quantum and mechanist worlds", alas without offering any theory behind the method although it solves the biggest theoretical puzzle of quantum physics of all time.[14][67]

A famed British physicist and Nobel laureate for quantum physics Brian Josephson agreed in a debate with Dr. Omerbashich: "I accept that it is a remarkable coincidence" that only two physical quantities with value of 369.2 exist: the Omerbashich's gravitational resonance ratio for the Earth's tidal system, given explicitly as an equation in the paper sent to Wineland, and the affinity ("particlequake" energy output) of Argon as the gas which, of all possible ones, Wineland applied in his laser when abridging macroscopic and quantum realms via capturing elementary particles whose gravity can thus be suspended vibrationally.

Motivation for theft of intellectual property

While Wineland thus stole the quantum part of the Omerbashich's discovery, Salvio and Strumia tried stealing the theoretical part, and Mersini and Guth tried stealing the cosmological part. Since they are all Roman-Catholics or at least loyal to the Church, obviously the Church sees Omerbashich's discovery as well as Multiverse as the utter danger to their bestseller business investment, the so-called Genesis. They consider the danger all that greater as Omerbashich has proven the Scale Invariance, which can only mean Type I Multiverse, not Type II as Omerbashich misled the Church to believe. This false belief has made the Church try the above-listed forgeries and quantum or similar fairytale-like constructs as a basis of Genesis v.2.0 via denial or misrepresentation of Multiverse, of course unsuccessfully. It is this variation which largely enabled Omerbashich to expose the Church's theft of his intellectual property altogether.

The Church exhibits such misbehavior whenever a discovery they want for themselves involves fundamental new knowledge about gravity. Just as they designed (the "Big Bang") cosmology as an inconclusive discipline so to make "Heavens above" an open possibility, and in the same way they created modern seismology (also called "Jesuit science") as an inconclusive discipline so to make "Hell below" an open possibility (to their flock), the Church historically tries to control fundamental discoveries in gravity too, so to leave "floating spirits/angels" an open possibility as well.

Theft of discovery that the Moon "triggers" M5.6+ earthquakes

Dr. Omerbashich made his discovery of new paradigm of geophysics (on the astrophysical cause of tectonics) in Spring 2016. Upon depositing it in a preprint depository[1], he submitted the discovery to Nature magazine. Soon after, Nature rejected to publish and sent a cynical thank-you note for inspiring others to discover: "Your findings may well prove stimulating to others' thinking about such questions".

The cynical note got full meaning in Fall 2016 when Nature Geoscience published the part of the Omerbashich discovery, which claims that the Moon "triggers only M5.6+ earthquakes". The claim was made by a group of Japanese authors, who are associates of a group of US authors who over the past decade led public/online smear campaigns against Dr. Omerbashich. The Nature authors submitted "their" discovery shortly after Nature turned down Dr. Omerbashich's discovery, so they or their associates likely were the Nature referees of Dr. Omerbashich's paper. Dr. Omerbashich then made an accusation of intellectual property theft and corruption, disclosing the case to the scientific community and general public.

Seminal discovery of astrophysical cause of tectonics

In 2016, Omerbashich announced the seminal discovery of the Astrophysical cause of tectonics which fundamentally rewrites physics, macrophysics in particular.[1] The discovery got accepted for publishing 31 Aug 2016 by Earthquake Science journal (Editor-in-Chief: Chen Yuntai member of Chinese Academy of Sciences) but the author rejected the offer as part of his protest against the way scientific community treated him and his discoveries, resembling the treatment of Alfred Wegener and his historic discovery of continental drift (plate tectonics, basically). Since the Omerbashich paper has been approved by a peer review, the discovery can be considered as published, for all practical purposes.

Royal claim

Coat of Arms of Hungary's founding dynasty Árpád and its cadet branches Kotromanićs and Berislavićs Doborski (who reappear as Omerbašićs from the 16th century on). In their 19th century forgery Fojnica Armorial, Franciscans in Bosnia replaced original Arpadian red in Kotromanić Coat of Arms with Anjou blue, and assigned the Coat of Arms to the non-existent family "Kotromanić Tvrtković", while at the same time renaming the Kotromanić into "Kotromanović" and replacing the original red-and-white with yellow-and-blue stripes. This was trying to hide that sovereignty (right) over Bosnia originated from Hungarian Crown, and is thus the oldest right in the Balkans under international law, with all other rights following from that right. (It is now known that Bosnian medieval Law takes roots in Hungarian and Roman Law, which is today obvious in local Common Law (first use of seal, inheritance rights over father's property, etc.), then in the setting up and organization of the Banate and Royal governments including the very functioning of the Royal Court, as well as in defining of the most important laws - the property and, more specifically, ownership relationships.[68]) For the same reason, Borić's real identity as prince Boris Kalamanos has been hidden too, while authors of the Armorial omitted Berislavićs (as the other ruling dynasty) - though they kept the country free for a century after Bosnia "fell" in 1463. Franciscans in Bosnia are known manipulators, with forgeries such as the Ahdnama (a type of document normally issued by Ottoman sultans), a fake skeleton of the preceding king Tomaševića, etc. Franciscans abroad publicly reprimanded Franciscans in Bosnia for sectarianism and corruption. Image: Coats of Arms of Bosnia's both ruling bloodlines are derivatives from Coat of Arms of Hungarian ruling dynasty Árpád. Berislavić Coat of Arms was also derived from Árpád Coat of Arms so that the Berislavić recognize the supremacy of the Kotromanić sovereignty, but do not abdicate the right to Bosnia - which they did activate 1463-1535.
Omerbashich Dynasty Coat of Arms

Since the heinous Pope Borgia had arranged for the Ottomans to burn down Bosnia and slay its nobility,[69] the land has been a papal colony for looting natural resources for a percentage paid out to Holy See, and for performing massive human sacrifice rituals[70]. The colony has been administered by Spanish Sephardi whom Borgia shipped to Bosnia in 1500 to falsely take Islam and be Rome's new "elite for pay" - an old practice often following colonization military campaigns.

Foreign sovereigns have transferred sovereignty right usurpation (from the Omerbashich royal family) among themselves at international conferences: Berlin 1878, Paris 1919, Tehran 1943, and Dayton 1995, based on a fake last will by Catherine, queen-consort to the next-to-previous king of Bosnia, in which she allegedly left Bosnia to the pope (who was not her blood relative). In addition to the Ottomans executing her children (along with other remaining Kotromanićs, in most savage ways at that, such as feeding them to horses) and thus leaving her without regency rights, consorts have no right to sovereignty by law, let alone to transfer it. Besides, her regency right would be long gone even if, according to a legend, her children did survive at the Ottoman court where they converted to Islam - as Canon law applies to Catholics only. So the "Queen Catherine fable" (in fact, she was a princess at the regicide of the subsequent King Tomašević who was the last ruling Kotromanić) was just an excuse for colonialism. Namely, Rome sees the entire Illyria (Yugoslavia) as their permanent target and danger since the Illyrian War of AD 6-9 that was, according to Roman historians, "the most difficult war the Empire has ever fought, on par with the Punic Wars". Fearful of Illyrians while throwing an eye on their resources as on those of Syria, Egypt, Babylonia, or Persia, Church keeps instating bloodshed in those lands, and has turned Illyrians into "peoples", mockingly naming them Croats (Lat. cretins), Serbs (Lat. slaves), Bosnians (Lat. true ox) or Bosniaks (Tur. homeless).[71]

Following the 1536 regicide of prince Stjepan Berislavić as direct (paternal) descendant of the Bosnia's founding father viceroy Boril Borić, and whose mother Jelena Branković was the last Despoina of Serbia after the death of her first husband Jovan Branković Nemanjić (regni Rascie despotus)[72], prince's offspring inherited the right to three thrones: of Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia. Soon after, they gave the dynasty a red herring name of Omerbashich (Sem. "dynasty founder"; Tur. "head prince").

This makes Dr. Omerbashich direct (paternal) descendant of ban Borić, and rightful sovereign of Bosnia and Croatia (via Hungarian Crown). As a direct descendant of Prince Berislavić, Dr. Omerbashich is head of Omerbashich (earlier: Berislavić) dynasty and rightful sovereign of Serbia as well.

The Berislavićs revived their royal rights after the Kotromanić dynasty went extinct in 1463. The Berislavićs took command over Bosnian military and possession of strategic banates (duchies). They held the country's main forts: capital Jajce, Srebrenik, Bihać, etc., and regained the Bosnia founding father Prince Borić's title of Ban of Bosnia.[73] Bosnia's original royal family had thus in 1463 again become sovereign over most of Bosnia, maintaining the Kingdom free for nearly a century, until 1527[27] and beyond. This enabled parts of the country to stay free for well over a century, like Bihać that fell only in 1593. Despite the permanent danger of extermination of the entire bloodline, which made any diplomatic protest obviously impossible and thus non-compulsory, the usurpation has been nonetheless exceptionally bravely protested, such as by Duke Joannes Omerbasich, who valiantly used his non-Turkish titles and insignia in the midst of the Ottoman occupation to sign his written testimony of 1700 that has become an official Church document.

Dr. Omerbashich holds the title of His Majesty since 2013 (Bos. abbr: NjV), which appears to comply with the international legal order, dynastic and other relevant laws. In the extended pretension to All of Illyria (Lat. IMPERIVM ILLYRIORVM), the full meaning of the king's styling is His Imperial Majesty, but this title is not in use.

The legal basis for the regal rights and the claim is in international legal order's stipulations that guarantee the eternal right to restoring a government deposed by force and (here even multiple) regicides, e.g. Article 55 of the Hague Convention of 1899. The right to (restore) a forcefully usurped sovereignty right is eternal, regardless if there was a diplomatic protest or not (just a formalism in cases of forced occupations where royal lineage got in permanent and grave danger of getting biologically wiped out). Examples of this specific situation that Bosnia is in too, are many indeed. For instance, the state of Israel has been restored after 2000 years though no family or person could have demonstrated an immemorial possession of Israel's sovereignty right since Antiquity or sooner. The entire nation's immemorial possession of sovereignty in case of such an obviously ancient people and nation sufficed. Bosnia is no different in that its Illyrian Empire even predates the Kingdom of Israel; and though Bosnians, Croats, and Serbs do not feature a collective recollection of their Illyrian ancestry any longer (because it was pushed out of their minds by force and trickery), they still have their Illyrian Imperial Dynasty whose right to the three thrones is indisputable. Simply, the right to sovereignty never expires on its own (for no legal reason), though some in the past did attempt to use a "50-100 years" rule of thumb, claiming that formalism such as lack of diplomatic protest during such a historically brief time-period could supersede the right itself, even in cases where the right had been usurped by force, occupation and regicide. This, of course, is nonsense: the sovereignty right usurped by force, just like any stolen right, never ends until or unless that right's legal owner (here: monarch), or their heir, gives up the right voluntarily. For example, though being geographically positioned next to the coast of Spain, Gibraltar belongs to the British Crown even today thanks to a document more than 300 years old. In other words, the time passed is not of primary importance.

Verdict by colonial "constitutional court"

Ruling by so-called Constitutional court of colony "BiH", declaring Dr. Omerbashich's appeal is "incompatible" with colonial constitution.

Deciding on His Majesty's appeal for protection of his rights and freedoms as an individual candidate for a function, including a request for protection (guaranteed by the Dayton Constitution (Annex IV)) of Geodetic Administration and State Geodetic Institute, the "Constitutional court of BiH" ruled that the appeal was "incompatible with the Dayton Accords".

Ruling excerpt quoting Lorenz Habsburg-Lothringen v. Republic of Austria.

Seeking grounds in international law and not domestic practice (which would automatically grant Kingdom as it was never properly abolished), this ad-hoc court cited the case of Prince Lorenz Habsburg-Lothringen versus Republic of Austria, although "BiH" at the time of the ruling was neither an EU member nor officially under Austrian jurisdiction or legal arrangements. In the cited case, Austrian court had ruled against plaintiff Prince of Belgium and Archduke of Austria[74]. The ruling has found that the Habsburg dynasty is entitled to the function of sovereign (President) of Austria, but there was no provision in EU laws that guarantees implementation of such rights. Since "BiH" was not at all an EU member, and the Dayton Accords adopt some of EU laws but has never been ratified, the court illegally subjected itself to foreign law, becoming a subject of foreign governments and committing treason.

This, highest colonial court's ruling, is a proof of validity of His Majesty's royal claim. It confirmed the right to sovereignty as unquestionable. The verdict attempted negating the continuity of colony "BiH" with preceding regimes of Bosnia, but failed to change the meaning of the Dayton Accords via court ruling precedence. The "constitutional court" is an ad hoc institution with foreign "judges", whose decisions are non-binding.

Refusal of "Bosnian Mandela" role; Austria's vengeance

At the turn of 2014, Vatican and Vienna offered to His Majesty via various intermediaries a role of "Bosnian Mandela", coinciding with the death of Nelson Mandela. This would mean a "South-African model" that misuses a patriot who was previously targeted by colonial regime in decades-long tormenting. When the object finally gets psychologically broken into submission, he or she gets convinced of his or her "messianic role" as the savior of their people. The "salvation" consists of removal of any colonial shame and legal responsibilities from the colonizer, while in reality (economically) very little changes for the colonized people. Exploitation continues under somewhat milder model; however, the owners of all the exploited resources remain largely the same. In addition, the "liberated" people have to give up rights to colonial reparations. This is how western world gained most of its "old money" it uses today to its geopolitical strategic advantage.

In case of Bosnia's 1878-1918 colonialism by Austria-Hungary (today legally succeeded by the Republic of Austria), according to the British secret service reports as primary historical sources, the looted timber alone (not counting ore) had amounted to more than 1100 billion Euro in today's value.[75][76] His Majesty has obviously rejected such a preposterous proposal[77], since HM is not an actor, and his claim to sovereignty is based on precise provisions of international law which guarantee the sovereignty return unconditionally in this case, so that the issue is non-negotiable. Besides, no one has a moral right to give up colonial reparations in behalf of an entire nation, especially since a recolonization took place after 1995[78], mainly via Austrian banks. Besides, Crown legislation passed from 2010-2014 provides capital punishment for smuggling of Bosnia's natural and other national resources.

  • A few days after His Majesty refused the initial offer to play "Bosnian Mandela", the colonial governor Inzko in live broadcast at State (colonial) television BH1 and FTV on 9.1.2014 and 10.1.2014 announced in a harsh and unconventional manner: "Bosnia has no Mandela"[79], and "elections must be held"[80] (which was in contrast to his and previous stance by the EU who threatened election cancellation unless election law got amended under impossible conditions - basically preparing the constitutional crisis for transfer of power under the envisioned "Bosnian Mandela" scenario). On the same occasions, governor disclosed that: "BiH makes 50% of its export to Austria and 40% to Italy"[79], which mostly refers to raw timber as the most represented item on the exports list. Given the price of a cent-on-a-dollar, this so-called export can only be seen as smuggling. Thus between 1995-2013, colony "BiH" exported timber for a profit of about 5 billion Euro, while the real value that third-hand purchasers made in international black market exceeded 50 billion Euro. According to data from the colonial "International Trade Chamber of BiH" (a body tasked with inventorying the colonial looting), annual exports between 2004-2010 amounted to about five times more timber than finished wooden produce (furniture, etc.), which in itself is telling of the primary goal of colonization as well. Profits from those trades total a mere 1.5 billion Euro[81]. In the black market, the value of looted Bosnian timber has exceeded astronomical 150 billion Euro in those 5 years alone. This dramatic increase in timber export reflects panic and insatiability amongst colonizers, as the looting becomes more obvious by the day so that by the beginning of 2014 entire Bosnian mountains lay bare.
Burning of Sarajevo 2014. The Sarajevo Cantonal government and assembly building in flames.
  • Exactly 2 days after His Majesty rejected a repeated offer to play "Bosnian Mandela","[82], the Vienna-Vatican colonizers on 6 February 2014 took horrific step via domestic puppet authorities who enticed soccer fan groups to start unprecedented violence in the Muslim-populated part of FBiH (half of colony "BiH"). Amidst violence, which received almost no coverage by western media that portrayed it as a leftist "uprising of the hungry", only targeted local (cantonal, municipal) governmental buildings were burned down. The consistency with Austria's burning down of Bosnia in 1669 and 1878 became clear on the second day of widespread violence when on 7 February the 1878-1918 colonial Archives (located in the basement) of the colonial "presidency" got set on fire. The fire could have been set only from the inside, since the basement is extremely complex to navigate, and the building was suddenly (on command) left without police protection for hours. The director of FBiH police was General Lukač, a Jesuit.
Burning of Sarajevo 2014, Colonial "presidency of BiH" (non-sovereign triumvirate). The only part of the colonial "presidency" that went into flames was actually the Archive, consisted of 18 rooms and containing documentation of historic and legal value. Of those 18 rooms, only the room with 230 boxes of documents by the Finance Ministry of Land Government of BiH from 1878-1918 occupation got destroyed[83]. The burned documents could have been used in colonial reparations case worth well over 1100 billion Euro, so this lone fire was a result of a sabotage.

In the midst of panic, Austrian colonial governor Inzko in his interview for Viennese Kurier threatened with "use of EU military power", announcing that "Austria will increase the number of its soldiers in BiH"[84]. In addition, an EU high official Jelko Kacin on 7.2.2014 (before any signs of burning the Archive in Sarajevo) praised the riots as "the start of BiH road into the EU"[85], so he had previous knowledge on the planned arson culmination, which likely makes him an accomplice in the crime.

Apart from a shocking resemblance of 2014 with Austria's historic arsons of Sarajevo in 17th and 19th centuries, that it was Austria and its local puppets (non-lustrated communist intelligence) who staged the violence, is seen from the OHR building as main colonial headquarters, was not targeted although OHR is the center of absolute power in the colony and the seat of governor whose powers go beyond any court's, Government's of parliament's. The Project Dayton itself got created by a Jesuit archaeologist specializing in Roman military campaigns in Illyria. Tactics of exhausting a targeted people followed such campaigns.

A month after the arson of colonial archives, based on security tapes from surrounding objects, the Sarajevo police identified and arrested all the main arsonists. The leading arsonist, wearing an Anonymous mask, was a 22 years old Nihad Trnka from Sarajevo, with residence in Salzburg, Austria. He admitted his crime but was released 30 days later by the colonial State Court despite all the absolute evidence and terrorism charges. The court withheld his Bosnian but not foreign travel documents. The Trnka clan are one of Pope Borgia's ex-Sephardi clans brought in 1500, whose most notable member today is the regime's expert for "constitutional" (colonial) legal system, Kasim Trnka, known for attempts to turn FBiH into an "Indian reserve", a territory without a President or any other prerogatives of even a shared statehood such as that guaranteed by the Dayton Accords. These clans commit worst imaginable atrocities in the interest of popes and western governments. For example, a 27 years old member of the Mehmedbašić clan led the 1914 Sarajevo Assassination acting as the main assassin but whose "gun got stuck right before killing the Archduke". He then proceeded to entrap a young (minor) Serb Gavrilo Princip to commit the assassination instead. As history shows, this was the desired outcome of the Sarajevo assassination, as "horrible Serb assassins of a young Archduke and a pregnant woman" provided enough justification for Austria to attack Serbia, and for the beginning of World War I. Just like with young Trnka, young Mehmedbašić too had "escaped from jail" after just 2 days, and has never stood a trial. Both Trnka and Mehmedbašić were portrayed by then-regime media as "goofs" who as such were unworthy of pursuing by law enforcement. This was done despite the fact that they both obviously carried out absolutely top historic missions, for which only the most trusted and able agents are used.

Motivation to recolonize[78] Bosnia as the world's last apartheid

Parody of Royal Dutch Shell logotype, created by organizations that fight for environmental protection.

Between 1987-1999, scientists from the University of Fairbanks in Alaska undertook the most ambitious survey of Bosnian forests ever. The World Bank financed that activity and carried it out even during the 1992-1995 war, under NATO military protection. This enormous inventorying has found that Bosnian and North Canadian timber are the only ones in the world that mainly fall into 0-class in terms of macroeconomic global investments.[86] Objects made or built out of Bosnian and Canadian timber can normally withstand the test of time for at least 1000 years and in many cases longer than that. Canadian timber, however, is inaccessible during most of the year, due to remoteness and harsh weather. This leaves Bosnian timber as most desirable wood on the Planet, profits from which exceed (at same investment levels) the profits from crude oil up to 100 times. According to the above-mentioned secret report by the British intelligence (which notes that Austria never saw Bosnia in any other way but as a colony for looting), Bosnian timber was by 1919 already exported to more than 200 countries. In fact, most of working and living premises of most influential people and institutions in the world have products specially made of Bosnian timber.[75]

A few years after the 1995 Dayton Accords, the US Government has ordered the University of Fairbanks to remove all their Bosnian forests survey reports from the Internet. In a written statement posted on the Department of Forestry Website, the University has rejected this unprecedented pressure by a government on the academia. However, with later changes in the University administration, the protest got removed. One of the main smuggling channels of Bosnian timber for more than a decade since Dayton was the now discontinued Web portal

Another motivation for February 2014, violence is in a sudden appearance of Royal Dutch Shell in FBiH. This abominable corporation has obtained a concession for hydraulic oil and gas exploitation (shell fracking) only weeks before the February 2014 riots, while openly bribing local officials with 350 million Euro unconditional deposit upfront. In many countries of Europe like mountainous France or Bulgaria (and even Shell's own Netherlands), fracking is illegal due to near-total destruction it does to the environment, especially water systems. (For instance, fracking is safe in N. America due to thin Earth crust, unlike in Europe where the crust is thicker so the drilling pollutes much of underground eco-systems.) Shell is notorious for corruptive methods with which it enters new markets such as for example Nigeria. It even finances the despotic Government there as well as para-militias that together instated anarchy in Nigeria, so that the company could apply environment-aggressive (least expensive) methods in oil/gas fracking without legal or public accountability. Thus in Nigeria alone, more than 1000 surface oil spills occurred over the past 50 years since Shell started operating in that country. This alone would normally have brought any company to bankruptcy, given the costs of clearing oil spills such as those incurred by Exxon Oil in the case of Exxon Valdez tragedy of 1989. The Nigerian oil spills ruined millions of hectares of cultivable soil, jungle and coastline, and polluted water and soil beyond repair while exterminating entire species of flora and fauna. Given relatively small size of FBiH, and top quality of its drinking water which has been exported to more than 100 countries, as well as Bosnia's preserved natural treasures (like the Perućica National Park, one of the remaining primeval forests in Europe), it is beyond doubt that Vienna, Berlin, and the Vatican had planned for the "Nigerian model" in Bosnia too. International corporations such as Shell nowadays play the role of colonial powers of the past like the Habsburgs and others. The motivation for recolonizing[78] Bosnia today as ever is in her abundant 0-class (unique) timber, rare ore, enormous thermal and hydro-energy potential, as well as some of the world's purest drinking water.

Dr. Sulejman Redžić, top ecologist crucified in 2013. His Center for Ecology got closed down soon after that.

In addition to non-lustrated communist and pope Borgia's Sephardi quisling families openly working for the colonizer in exchange for keeping their privileges from communism, Bosnia is also the last apartheid on Earth, with a 10% Catholic minority who, under 6 always Catholic governors with absolute viceroy powers, run all strategic segments of the society: finance and treasury, land administration, media (censorship), judiciary, police and intelligence, military, and so on. Their primary goal is to fetch the territory of a resourceful Bosnia, or her FBiH half as the very least, for the benefit of mostly Catholic but credit-overburdened Croatia, whose 50+ billion Euros debt is among Europe's highest per capita, along with that of Greece. The Vatican guaranteed Croatia's loans with Bosnia's resources offered as collateral to German and other Banks on issuing the loans to Zagreb as it gets rebuilt to the point of luxury enjoyed by Vienna as developed from exploiting Bosnia's resources too.

These most unbelievable methods, which Shell uses to position itself in the "FBiH" part of Bosnia, and which obviously also include wars (1991-1995), postwar hunger (over 60% unemployment rate, highest in Europe), as well as assassinations such as of academician Professor Dr. Sulejman Redžić the country's leading ecologist who was found dead (ritually crucified and drowned) in 2013 coinciding with arrival of Shell in the region, all indicate that the real interest of Shell owners in region’s relatively minuscule oil reserves could be different from simply oil extraction. Namely, the murder of academician Redžić has the same motive as the murder of Nigeria's top ecologist Ken Saro-Wiwa who was fighting Shell there. Thus the oil affair could be a cover-up in preparing the region to serve again as a geopolitical hotspot for starting a World War, same as in 1914. Back then, as well as in 1938, the official historical account of reasons for the two global wars was in alleged reshuffling and disputes over global natural resources; the Russian oil corporation Zarubezhneft has already moved in the "RS" part of Bosnia and once again the stage for a World War seemed set. That has been brought to an end with the US President Donald Trump coming to power, whose electoral victory the Vatican and its US quislings (Jesuits, Opus Dei and others, who for decades ran the US State Department and answered to ex-Vice President Biden - a man directly responsible for the bloodshed and destruction of Yugoslavia) tried to sabotage, as well as to portray it as their own (which was a bluff as the Vatican remains the most skillful geopolitical player). Soon after academician Redžić's assassination, dean of the Faculty of Science at University of Sarajevo Rifat Škrijelj a member of the Governing Board of the largest Bosniak political party SDA, closed down a very successful and one-of-a-kind Center for Ecology and Natural Resources that Redžić founded in 2002, thus trying to destroy a significant part of legacy of one great scientist.

Illegality of foreign exploitation of Bosnia's underground resources, under Hague Convention of 1899

Any concession to an exploitation of natural resources in Bosnia, other than forests and agricultural produce (both only in exchange for just compensation), is illegal under the rules of international legal order, such as Article 52 and Article 55 of the Hague Convention of 1899. Namely Bosnia, and, by extension, its legal successor Bosnia-Herzegovina too, was occupied by force and its sovereignty usurped and transferred at international conferences in accordance with the aforesaid and other rules.

There is virtually no doubt that the Kingdom of Netherlands has ordered the Dutch battalion in Bosnia in 1995 to enable Srebrenica executions, and that, subsequently, and as part of the same geostrategy, a British judge who presided over the International Court of Justice at Hague influenced genocide verdict. Namely, those two strategic moves combined (hardly explainable separately: former is a dire violation of Geneva conventions, and the latter ruled "municipal genocide") have created a real potential for long-term instability via the mentioned conquest geotactic of divide-and-rule, and an opportunity for looting Bosnia's Dinaric Alps using Nigerian model of "instability for irresponsibility". The intention was to drill rock in high Bosnia using a horrific method of hydraulic fracturing or oil/gas fracking for short, that has been banned globally, and in Europe already in France, Bulgaria and even Shell's own Netherlands. Shell specializes in that utterly inhumane method, called also "the raping of Earth", as it simply destroys the environment beyond repair; permanently polluting water and soil, in return for a short-term profit since supplies last only for a few decades, before they are fully exploited. The majority stake in Shell is in hands of Dutch and British Crowns. Amongst countries involved in the Bosnian war of the 1990s, it was Britain and Netherlands that behaved most bizarrely overall.[87]

The genocidal plan for bringing Shell to Bosnia could also have a much wider motivation: according to a US university professor who appeared on Bosnian national TV show "Centralni zatvor" (Eng. Central Prison) from the mid-2000s, there exists an unspeakably horrific geostrategy by the Netherlands. According to the scientist, they plan to move the entire Dutch people over to Bosnia within the next century or so as the rise of sea-level from alleged climate change takes away most of the Netherlands. For this, Bosnians must be forced into exile by Shell using a ruthlessly intensified Nigeria-model, with millions of oil spills all over the country.

Loss of usurpation rights by own acquiescence in Great Flood of 2014

At the beginning of May 2014, Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia were hit by a centennial flood that started and gained momentum in Bosnian Mountains. It began by moving landslides and rolling out underground waters in waves which encapsulated virtually entire Black Sea river basin of the three countries. After days of drenching downpour in the region, tens of thousands of landslides moved suddenly in highland Bosnia. This phenomenon, previously never recorded in the 150 years since the meteorological services got established in Bosnia, has completely destroyed thousands of brick-built as well as seismically proofed buildings, houses, bridges, asphalted roads and other high-rise and low-rise objects alike. Hundreds got killed or unaccounted for, and more than 100000 people got displaced. Damages are estimated at 5-10 billion Euros or Bosnia's entire annual budget.

Most of those landslides were newly created so that the catastrophic consequences of the 2014 floods were obviously due to the eroded landscape of the mountainous Bosnia. This is the result of dominantly Austria's and Italy's timber smuggling since 1878-1918 and 1995-2014, as the colonial governor admitted to in his televised address on State (colonial) television BH1 of 09.01.2014.

Under provisions of international legal order such as the Hague Conventions, Vienna and Vatican have thus lost their usurpation right by own acquiescence, and thereby rendered colonialism terminated de jure. As a sort of acknowledgement to their wrongdoings in the international law arena, the colonizers attempted to minimize their responsibility for the never-recorded disaster, by the colonial governor and quisling authorities declaring only 1 day of mourning in colony "BiH" despite consequences from this natural disaster having been far worse than those in Croatia or Serbia that has declared 3 national days of mourning.

Geopolitics discovery: modern-day human sacrifice

Sir Isaac Newton.

In 2013, His Majesty revealed undoubtedly the oldest secret of geopolitics, long sought after by many researchers including Sir Isaac Newton and others who, in their quest for such secrets which are usually referred to in ancient texts, had tried to decipher the so-called Biblical codes and other alleged sources. For example, Newton spent most of his time researching the realms of alchemy and occult.[88] As a governmental official, Newton was looking for geopolitical more than theological secrets.

Indeed, the secret His Majesty revealed represents a proof-beyond-doubt that Jesuit Order of the Roman-Catholic Church (allegedly England's arch-foe), along with the competing geopolitical axes/interests like Freemasons, Illuminati or more recently IRA, Al-Qaeda or ISIS, commit most heinous acts of violence. Those crimes include: staging wars and genocide, organizing terrorism, ordering assassinations, etc. The proof is based on the so-called ancient numerology, of basically odd (mainly prime) v. even numbers, for picking victims (human scapegoats) as well as timing/locations for executing elected politicians and monarchs, artists and civilians at large.

As it turns out, and as some historians recently claimed, "Jesus of Nazareth" was probably emperor Caesar himself (IVLIVS CAESAR); through its rites and insignia, the Church worships the destiny of its man-god who was a Roman emperor of same initials as the fictional character we know as "Jesus" (IESU CHRISTO).[89]

Since the proof reaches to the time of Ancient Rome, the motivation for this way of manipulating world history is mostly materialistic and aimed at achieving or enlarging personal and group wealth of those associated with Church's financial interests. Thus the Church itself serves merely as geopolitical "glue" holding the supposedly dissolved Roman Empire together to this day via Catholic or otherwise loyal government officials including ministers of defense (war) and foreign affairs.

The proof is beyond doubt since it looked into characteristic sample-groups and comparing atrocities towards or among members of those groups throughout various and otherwise disconnected historical eras or geographic locations. The proof can be found on a Web site called The Secret of All Secrets.

Why all this - the Game and the Endgame

Following a terrible experience from graduate school in Canada, it became clear to Dr. Omerbashich right after deriving the values of G via c in Berkeley in 2005, and comparing them to the then-known experimental values, that "the powers that be" would not allow for such a seminal discovery to fall in the hands of an anonymous young geophysicist who, to make his case even weaker, was not associated with any significant (by funding; Ivy League aura; etc.) centers of power or schools of thought. This became obvious from inexplicable pressure which he began feeling right after posting his derivation. For example, the pressure included his applying for over 20 jobs at NASA and not receiving a single response, though under US law a federal agency must let know all candidates of the outcome, whether positive or negative. He was blacklisted... Another example is his submitting of a paper on a magnification of Earth mantle resonance as a cause of tectonics to more than 50 English-speaking journals only to see them all reject it, many without explanation and the rest with rather bogus explanations or personal attacks even. The first (and prominent) French-speaking journal that saw the paper, has also accepted it, as well as featured it on its cover.

Given the destiny of other researchers in similar situations, it also became obvious to him that his destiny could take the already seen course that starts with public mockery (character assassination) which, if unsuccessful, turns into psychological pressures in trying to make the target commit suicide. Finally, if the target is unsusceptible to the former methods, assassination that can also be made to look like a suicide or an accident or a revenge or a quarrel or simply "(otherwise) inexplicable", takes place. Thus Nikola Tesla, Paul Drude, Alfred Wegener and Ettore Majorana, were "handled", respectively. Tesla had claimed discovery of a technology for wireless energy transmission, and since free energy would turn many billionaires into paupers, he was immediately turned into a "UFO freak", resulting in a number of psychological problems for him that forced him into a recluse. Drude, as the Editor-in-Chief of the leading journal of the era Annalen der Physik, accepted Einstein's paper on Relativity, only to suffer a change of heart that made him decide to withdraw the paper as inconclusive at best. But he was found dead before succeeding in his intention, allegedly in suicide, though he had been recently admitted in the World's most prestigious Academy of Sciences of the era (Prussian), and had just started working on a new book - all hardly pointing to a psychologically disturbed mind. Wegener, upon realizing that continental borders fit nearly perfectly, devised the Theory of Continental Drift, but immediately faced most amazing ridicule that soon turned mafia-style so he later disappeared during an expedition (according to his friends: a business he was so skilled in, that "he could have done it blindfolded"), at the most productive age – barely 50 years old. Majorana, after confiding to some of his colleagues and "friends" about his mind having been practically set on a discovery of the greatest significance, simply disappeared on a sea trip, most likely pushed overboard. Obviously, insanity or fear from discovery cannot be blamed for the tragic destiny of these and other scientists: as we learned from examples of Galilei, Bruno, Tesla, Meucci and other great men, the mind of a genius does not get scared away by the discovery it makes - instead, it stays and fights resolutely.

That the above assumptions were correct became clear when Dr. Omerbashich survived 3 near-crashes of commercial airplanes he flew on, two of which ended in emergency landings to Cologne and Halifax and one in emergency takeoff in Boston when the plane touched down and immediately took off due to flight control allowing a jumbo jet filled with passengers to begin taxiing on the runway where the plane was allowed to land. On all three occasions, the worst-scenario outcome was avoided only thanks to the pilots. After the three incidents, which are all easy to verify, Dr. Omerbashich has decided to stop flying.

In order to avoid the destiny of the above men and others, Dr. Omerbashich used his own origins to claim Bosnia's usurped sovereignty as the Bosnian King, aware that unlike in the rest of the World, in the West where most (but not all) of his enemies are, it is most difficult to mock royalty or even just a royal pretender. In addition, through use of the Internet, social media primarily as all other avenues got shut down for him, he largely succeeded in convincing his enemies of his susceptibility to psychological pressure so that almost by default they started applying all sorts of pressures, much to his amusement. This even included dragging a WW2 incendiary-bomb (old napalm) practically under his balcony, in a 2013 city-wide scare in Sarajevo (from a foreign museum obviously, as those were not used in the WW2 Balkans, and the Allied forces used those only in Normandy and the Pacific). Another form of pressure was using a conspiracy theories site to create a years-long meme about Dr. Omerbashich, whom they called "Mr. Nobody", where they used detailed intelligence gathered on him over the years as well as real-time surveillance. After notifying him anonymously of the ongoing meme, they then tried to drive him crazy.

Indeed, such counter-measures have bought enough time needed for his discoveries to gain ground, slowly step-by-step. Two great moments came along and presented themselves as great opportunities for his goal of developing the unifying theory he had contemplated a decade earlier. First was the comet Elenin approach of 2011, which was a chance to show scale invariance due to hyperresonance of all mass-bodies using the Earth as a whole, and then refine the coming theory based on that discovery. The second opportunity was the globally talked-about case of BICEP2 experiment misused for forging of confirmation of an impossible cosmological theory of inflation. The forgery is largely based on Dr. Omerbashich's discoveries that allow for (but do not demand to any specificity - meaning his set of equations might as well be incomplete) a Multiverse scenario in a way that Multiverse need not be of an inflationary type. Various interest "clubs" and their sponsors saw in this an easy opportunity to grab the aura of untouchables. Those interested parties included some proponents of the inflationary cosmology, along with their own political and monetary backing; conveniently enough, some of the (infinitely many possible) versions of that theory would have a Multiverse-type of scenario as an outcome, but this seems a nuisance in those models and not their goal by any measure. Other opportunities to expose robbers of Omerbashich's discoveries appeared along also, such as the theft of 2012 physics Nobel Prize - a chance to mock The mockingbird, etc. Additional examples are on this page (above).

The endgame began with Dr. Omerbashich's revealing on 14.12.2014 that, after converging on it for decades, the BIPM in Paris has indeed confirmed the Omerbashich (the only one ever made) theoretical prediction of the value of G, of 6.675E-11, as 6.6754E-11.[17] This, and the earlier expressing of the values of G and c on various scales, together exclude any possibility of coincidence, testifying instead that physical dimensions and units are a leftover from the geocentric philosophy which allowed Newton to append (otherwise meaningless) units to G so to close his own physics mathematically... That is when the powers that be reacted in panic by censoring (outright removing) Omerbashich's author entry from the US Library of Congress (National Library) Authorities Database just 1 day later, on 15.12.2014. On 20.12.2014, it appeared that the public releases distribution-company was forced to re-date the original submission date of the press release from 14.12.2014 to 15.12.2014, so to make it all look like a coincidence. When Dr. Omerbashich posted the above screenshot on Facebook, it forced the company to restore the original date of 14.12.2014. As of January 2015, the date of the press release keeps changing. Censorship continued with the journal Nature deleting such seemingly benign contributions by Omerbashich as online comments to popular science articles (a deleted comment is here and the following correspondence here). An updated press release is here or here. Omerbashich got prompted to declare victory in the hunt for G at the end of 2014 (instead of waiting for 2015, which would be more appealing to the media) due to a Jesuit blogger Luboš Motl trying, like many Catholics (see above), to reverse-engineer the discoveries and steal parts for himself.

Acting on a tip, Dr. Omerbashich posted on his Twitter account in January 2015 that those who could be described as the Anglo-Saxon geopolitical axis (mainly the UK, Germany and US papists) fear that his discovery confirms corpuscular physics worked out by the 18th century Swiss-French physicist Le Sage, thus drastically modifying or even nixing Newton-Einstein physics and therefore motivating the said axis to keep their global dominance in science by them too tormenting Dr. Omerbashich.

Once again, here is a 2017-2018 updated Linkedin article about the whole affair. (You may need to click on the link a few times as Linkedin doesn't always let the public to access public articles.)

Vladarske titule
King Tomašević
King of Bosnia

Prince Berislavić
King of All Illyria

Plemićke titule
Duke Joannes Omerbasich
Duke of Dubochatz


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